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    the wine appreciation thread

    Huge Trade for the cellar!! (jay, maybe you can weigh in on this) I just traded a DRC Grands Echezeaux 2005 for a Harlan Estate 1994!!! Me thinks I got a pretty good deal:p Matt PS - Livio Felluga fucking rocks!!
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    the wine appreciation thread

    This thread needs some revival. What are people drinking these days? I assume people aren't spending as much as they used to. I generally go to my old friend Riesling for daily consumption. Alsatian, german or canadian. New things for the cellar for those collector's out there: 4 pack...
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    What are you working on?

    Re-Opening one of the most established restaurants in Toronto. Looks great so far... Matt
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    Toronto Restaurants that are an *EXPERIENCE*

    Soft shell crab for all Triber's at Splendido!!:D (except you Damon, they are now out of season.) Matt
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    the wine appreciation thread

    I'm joining my wine-tarded friends for a Riesling/Pork fest today! I have however, snuck along some Kistler Vine Hill Chard! (you can still get it at summerhill) Matt
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    the wine appreciation thread

    1 bottle of DRC 2005 Grands Echezeaux is now mine (or will be in a month)!! They only had 200 bottles total (of all Crus) and apparently 1500+ orders. Pretty happy about my luck. On a side note, I just got 6 bottles of Louis Latour Batard-Montrachet '00 for $53 each. Don't ask me how...
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    the wine appreciation thread

    I'm waiting to see if my Classic's allotment is gonna go through or not. D - R - C yo! My everyday drinking wines right now are the two Tawse Sketches of Niagara wines (riesling - $18 and chard - $22). They both pack a lot of wine for your buck. Matt
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    Mingster - It's your birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINGSTER!

    Happy Birfday! Matt
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    from the creators of The Wire - Generation Kill

    nice deep. Matt
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    the wine appreciation thread

    Chateau Latour's wines are regarded as the most 'powerful' (tannic, acidic, longest living,etc) of the three Pauillac first growths. Chateau Mouton-Rothschild is regarded as the most "luscious" (tons of fruit, higher alcohol/viscosity, easier going tannin). Chateau Lafite-Rothschild's wine is...
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    the wine appreciation thread

    That's the one. I would drink it. BTW according to my notes, the '83 Lafite is much better. Matt
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    the wine appreciation thread

    I would advise that you go to Summerhill and find a primier cru Burgundy from the 2005 vintage. It will probably set you back $40-$60. If you don't like it, then you probably will never like Pinot Noir anyway and at least you know. Just because other people rave about it doesn't mean you have...
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    the wine appreciation thread

    RIP. She was sooo nice.
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    the wine appreciation thread

    Has it been stored properly??? That's the big question. If its been laying down in an appropriate space then I'm sure the wine is at least good, but not a great Latour. I would say that you probably wouldn't get more then $500 for it (in good condition). I would drink it. Matt
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    the wine appreciation thread

    Tawse winery in Beamsville is making killer wine. Pascal marchand, a winemaker in burgundy makes the wine for them. Their Robyn's Block 04 chardonnay is stunning. They make excellent riesling and pinot too. Penninsula ridge also makes a whole series of different chards that are all very...
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    Where To Buy A Cheap Sausage Stuffer?

    NELLA i'm sure has them. Matt
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    Heading to Montreal for a Weekend....

    P - D - C. A must for any foodie. Matt
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    the greatest condiment ever

    We did a BACON CHUTNEY at work. It was probably the best idea evar! Matt
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    South Park

    "he's cheesing his fucking balls off dude!" hahahahahaaaaaaaaa....