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    My concept album my gift to you: Chili Banks - "Astounding Science Fiction" LP

    Junglist Manifesto Recordings Presents: Chili Banks - "Astounding Science Fiction" LP "From the far horizons of the unknown come transcribed tales of new dimensions in time and space. These are stories of the future, adventures in which you'll live in a million could be years on a thousand...
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    Liondub Remix Competition

    Competition rules and sample links https://soundcloud.com/junglist-manifesto/kill-it-properly-chili-banks-remix Here's my remix check it out if you got a min.
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    Music on 4 - Jungle Fever (short but good doc)

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    Looking for a set. Wu tang 1996 live in Toronto.

    The show was recorded unfortunately all the links I find online are dead. Does anyone have a copy of this. It was one of my favorite shows and would love to have a copy. Please post it if youve got it.
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    How come we are not allowed to delete accounts.

    I think its fair to say that this board has evolved in to something other than a place to discuss electronic music. I dont want to be a member truthfully I would love to delete my account but Alex d wont let us. Why is this? Alex d have such a compulsion to keep people as members who have no...
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    Tribe BBQ 2013

    Did I miss the DJ sign up thread? Would like to come and drop some old school Jungle if that's possible?
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    Jungle version of the Toronto Blue Jays album...

    Did this a while back was floating around on dub for a while but got released a little bit back. Thought you guys might like to check it out. As far as production goes it was a pretty straight forward tune. Not particularly looking for feedback just figured someone may find it...
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    Bay B Kane Presents: The United Nations of Jungle. 02/28/12 (1st mp3 single inside)

    Bay B Kane Presents: The United Nations of Jungle. 02/28/12 (1st mp3 single inside) What's up Tribers here's some news for the old school Jungle heads about some music coming out on my label Junglist Manifesto. Check the free single at the bottom. Bay B Kane Presents: The United Nations of...
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    The Cobra E.P. Out Now: Illweather 16armedjack & Chili Banks (mp3 single inside)

    The Cobra E.P. Out Now: Illweather 16armedjack & Chili Banks (mp3 single inside) + Win Mastering! The Junglist Manifesto Family come through with a big E.P. celebrating Illweather's first Release. Illweather brings the title track "The Cobra" a dance floor reese bass, drum edited...
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    New Jays Logo

    Wtf is the point? The original logo is ill. Then they went to this thing and now they've realized that the original logo was the best, but why change it slightly? The new one looks like a shit rip off of the old one.
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    Controller with motorized fader suguestions?

    Looking for something compact hopefully. Has to work with win 7 anyone have experience with any of these?
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    M Audio Oxygen 8 Midi Keyboard FS/FT

    M Audio Oxygen 8 Midi Keyboard FS/FT $75 obo / or interesting trade audio related or Nintendo Dsi? Will ship. Great little controller works on usb power or your can plug it in and plug directly into a sampler. Comes with power cord and box. Oxygen 8 Features • The Oxygen 8MIDI...
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    GWaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Recoil killing it for the oldschool heads.

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    Rentboy Drumfunk...

    I know this mix is 5-6 years old but Rentboy nailed this one. Pure badness... http://www.soulsurvivour.com/mp3/Rents%20-%20Drumfunk%20v1.mp3 Paradox and Nucleus - Musik Box Seba feat Robert Manos - Gold and Diamonds Breakage - I N I Break and Survival - Cronk Macc - Wrong to Perfection...
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    No TBQ this year? Or did I miss it?

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    FS/FT Thinksound - Rain 9mm Wooden Earbuds BNIB

    Hey all you Audiophile geeks. I got these as a present but am not really in to the earbud scene. Never used $70 O.B.O. Interesting trades accepted. PM or email chilibanks<nospam>AT<nospam>gmail.com Rain 9mm In-Ear High Definition Headphone w/ Passive Noise Isolation Got these as a gift...
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    JUNGLIST MANIFESTO ALBUM PREVIEWS: BAY B KANE & CHILI BANKS (FREE mp3's INSIDE) Junglist Manifesto Recordings is proud to announce the release of it's next 2 albums. Bay B Kane returns after a long hiatus. The man has over 200 vinyl releases. He returns for us bringing his original...
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    Telefon Tel Aviv - You Are The Worst Thing In The World (Invol2ver Remix) out on wax?

    Looking for this as a gift. Any help is appreciated.
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    This years hot Xmas toys.

    I'm already looking for Special Agent Oso for my niece, but don't wanna pay $80+ on Ebay. What else is gonna be hot for the little kids this year?
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    Chili Banks @ Rise Above Nature: Album Launch...Tamobanter, BrotherMostRighteous.

    After the label's successful launch in 2009, Junglist Manifesto Recordings returned in 2010 with some blazing new tunes. Front man & Toronto born artist Chili Banks came through with his first full length album RISE ABOVE NATURE. BIG BREAKS, SUB BASS, CRAZY SAMPLES, & KILLER EDITS ON THIS...