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    haha... Rob and I are gettin' drunk and have decided to go to a 'Jungle Party'. Does anyone hit these things up anymore??? Matt <-- listening to the Prototype CD ('97) gettin' hyped!!
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    Tyrant @ The Bomb

    Anyone have any details on this set - It's 5 hours long. Date? Tracklistings? I'm downloading it now. Matt :)
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    Luke Fair @ Up

    Wooooo-hooooooo! Next Wednesday is gonna be rockin'!!! Matt
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    Local Garridge nights???

    haha... A friend of mine was looking for some info on where and when regular UK Garage nights in TO happen. Anyone??? Matt
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    Track id "I am the sound"...

    Bought a track on a whim the other day at release... it was a test pressing, very dark, had huge vocals "I am the sound" over and over. One of the dudes at release id'd it for me but I can't remember who the hell it is... Matt
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    CNM Productions...?

    Just heard "True House Music" from Digweeds Jan. 17 Kiss show. Bangin' track. "...house music is an instrument of god..." I think they're on SFP records. Has anyone heard any of their other work (I love the nice dark prog!)? Matt
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    Just in case anyone's interested...

    The Restaurant/Bar I work at (Al Frisco's) is doing a complete renovation of its Upstairs Bar (about 350 people capacity). We're kinda going for a more upbeat and funky atmosphere (think Sugar), and are putting in a complete new sound system with turntables. Now all that we need are some...
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    I'm not about to hit a woman but...

    If I were Zach there would be some serious bitchslappin' goin' down! (Amazing Race) Matt
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    At Last............TYRANT!!!!

    Saw a certain vodka experience poster on Queen St. Yesturday. Craig Richards and Lee Burridge on the Bill!!!!!!:D It's about time!!!:D :D:D:D Matt
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    Nero Question

    I have a file that is approx. 70mins. long that I wish to Burn. When I drop the file into the 'burn' window, Nero is telling me that the file is only 5mins. long. This simply is not the case because I have listened to the whole set on WinAmp. Anybody know how I can correct this...
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    For your Friday Night viewing pleasure...

    Don't forget Oz at 10:05, and the Hudsucker Proxy at 11:30 (CBC). Matt <-- hasn't been home on a Friday night in 3 months:o
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    Mauro "Harder than Hell" Picotto!!!

    Oct. 4th at that place... Can't Frikkin' wait! :D :D :D Matt
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    Max Graham@Fluid

    Kinda caught this one on the fly (Fluid's GM is an Ex-manager of mine's who came by for dinner and convinced me to come by) Max is always on point! Good tracks, couple of problems with the decks (needles) it looked like. I was only there for about 2 hours of his set, but the crowd was...
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    Communicate Fridays are back!!!!

    Good 'ole beats from the boys!!!! Much drunkenness!!! Word up to 'hooker' who was the highlight of the night Nothin' but sweet baselines!!!:) Timmy P was rockin', but Myka was a little dissapoining. Keep up the good work (read: booooooooozing!!!!) Matt
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    "the Meaning of Life" - on NOW!!!

    haha Matt
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    Dan, you're in Trouble!!! hahahahaha...

    Hahaha....I'm about ready to bring THE RUCKUS to your place. Watch out bisnatch! Matt
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    Mauro Picotto - Metamorphose

    Holy shit. Vinder gave me a listen a few nights ago, liked what I heard and downloaded it yesterday. PURE EVIL PROG-TECHNO. Sooooooooooo good. Matt
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    Summertime = Cocktail-time!!

    Inspired party by the "beer" thread, and partly because I spend way too much of my life making them, here's some fine summer drinks for everybody to enjoy and impress with. Please add to the list...:D Doubleberry white chocolate martini 3/4 oz. Raspberry Stoly (vodka) 3/4 oz. Chambord...
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    Dekoze vs. Rob G

    Pure Gold!
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    What are YOU having for dinner???

    Seeing as though it's Friday night and have planned to stay in, I thought I would do some serious cooking. Roasted red and green peppers, tomatoes with garlic. Creamy rosemary and garlic mashed potatoes. 13oz. New York Striploin Does anyone on the board go nuts in the kitchen or is it KD...