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    where in montreal...........

    ...........should i go this weekend for good breaks? im gonna be there from friday night to monday night.
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    what's goin' on.......

    i am gonna be in montreal this weekend and was wondering where the breaks are? gonna be there from friday nite to monday. thanx
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    does anybody know about this?!?!?!?

    oops!! sorry to spread the paranoia. (boy, does this ever make me look stoopid)
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    does anybody know about this?!?!?!?

    i am intrigued, excited, and worried. these articles have been appearing in electronic musician magazine. the links are in cronological order. http://emusician.com/ar/emusic_music_brain/ http://emusician.com/ar/emusic_imagine/ http://emusician.com/ar/emusic_cybersinger/
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    new mix for y'all

    my setup is pretty much the same as yours, with exception of the mixer. i use a gemini umx 7 or 9, i forget right now. it has seperate output meters for each channel which helps keep things pretty consistent. but soundforge does help as well to fine tune things.
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    new mix for y'all

    i think i might have put the link to an mp3 of this mix in an obscure place in my last post post. so i'll post it again. spring breaks 2004
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    new mix for y'all

    i hereby invoke spring to set upon us with this mix! (i hope this works) playlist:: JDS-Don't Be Alone-TCR Jaydee-Plastic Dreams(Tayo & Acid Rockers rmx)-Positiva X Men-Dope Dealer-White Unknown-Bucci Blag-White JDS-Blackout-TCR Horace-Ferris-Horace Music Luke Fair-Twisted...
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    live from miami!!

    live rennie live hyper live uberzone all on annie nightingale last week! http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/radio1_aod.shtml?nightingale#
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    WARNING: Att'n Producers that send MP3's to Strangers...

    like me (without the hard working part!?!)
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    cubase or reason

    why not get both??
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    Help Mixing Down Reason Tracks in Nuendo

    unfortunately, this is the way it's done. you had it allt eh time.
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    Help Mixing Down Reason Tracks in Nuendo

    are you saying that you want the control in nuendo, not reason? is it that you want the reason track (midi) to be converted to an audio track?
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    Help Mixing Down Reason Tracks in Nuendo

    your post confuses me a bit (maybe even others considering the amount of talent on this board compared to the amount of replies)
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    Sonar 3 Producers Edition vs. Cubase SX

    have you ever considered cubase SL 2.0?? it's pretty solid as well, for almost half the price of SX 2.0.
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    Original Ice Style 9

    i was just on satellite records site, and apparently they still have copies of electricians track. but instead of the track being called "original style", it's called "ragga man". it's number 16 on there breaks sales chart!
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    sample cd's

    is there any where in T.O. that keeps a somewhat up-to-date inventory of sample cd's?
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    Could someone tell me why my CD sounds good on everything but a discman??

    what kida distortion is it? is it the kind you get when your latency buffers are set too low, or, is it more of a crushing type?
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    9/11 Chair: Attack Was Preventable

    i just think it's sketchy that that bush was surounded by children at the time of the attacks!!
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    Welcome to my country.

    The Holy Empire of Bob Stone "Never Underestimate The Power Stupidity!" UN Category: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy Civil Rights: Excellent Economy: Good Political Freedoms: Very Good Location: Tribeland The Holy Empire of Bob Stone is a tiny, socially progressive nation, remarkable...
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    Anyone else find it a little odd...

    does anybody here know anything about the Rothchilds family?? how about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? i've tried digging into this secret society/conspiracy theory stuff, and it does intrigue me to the point of belief. but the more i dig, the more i find answers that contradict other...