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    [techno] The Winter Mix

    Pulled this together awhile back. Lots of different types of techno and hard house: https://soundcloud.com/mattdublin/matt-dublin-the-winter-mix
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    --->matt dublin - manhattan mix<---

    Here's a fun mix I recently recorded on the fly - came out decent imo. Enjoy: http://soundcloud.com/mattdublin/matt-dublin-dublinstep-2
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    Soundcloud Users

    Post a link to your soundcloud account here so we can check out your music :) here's mine: Matt Dublin Soundcloud
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    Wireless Internet Drop outs?

    Here's a stupid question - I'm using a linksys wireless modem and every day I'm experiencing drop outs. When a drop-out occurs I unplug my router and linksys modem to reset and it seems to work fine (for a bit and then it happens again). I've searched online for solutions and I've tried...
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    *-*Matt Dublin - Mix for Swaybe [electro fidget breaky bass]*+*

    Back once again with anotha one of those block rockin' beats :) Matt Dublin - Mix for Swaybe Tracklist Beckers D-Nox - 19909 Tarska - Battery_Life Myagi - Smartbomb (Lazy Rich Remix) Oliver Twizt - Gangsterdam Kid Kola - Kappa Etienne De Crecy - Welcome Punk Rolla - Heart...
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    matt dublin - mojito mix [dubstep/grime]

    Check it: matt dublin - mojito mix.mp3 Track List 16bit - Swine Flu March Mellow - Reel Simple Vaski - murder RSK - Ah So Fresh Headhunter-3 mad ps Faithless - Sun To Me Emalkay Remix Deftones - Shove It Remix NumberNin6-Mosh 501 - Insanity 16 Bit - Funhouse Ted Buckfaster -...
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    Formatting a Dell laptop - aka the dreaded google redirect virus

    So our friends at Pirate Bay hooked me up with a nice piece of malware that I cannot get rid of on my system. It redirects all google searches via doubleclick.js or adware and it's blocked all antivirus/spyware/malware removal websites. Additionally when I download malware removal programs on my...
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    .:Matt Dublin - Bass Heavy Marathon (Dubstep & Bassline House):.

    This was a fun mix to put together - hope you dig :) Right Click Save As Tracklisting (of sorts) La Roux - In For The Kill (Skreams Lets Get Ravey Remix) 16 Bit - Relentless_16bit_Mix Jakes-Rock The Bells F1 and Korfmeister - Mad_Fever_Original_Mix Ed Solo...
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    New Photochop thread?

    Notice the size of the stick the police officer has...
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    FS: Nintendo Wii ++++

    Gently used Wii purchased in 2008 comes with the following: Wii Console 2 Controllers + 2 Nunchucks 2 Controller skins Wii Steering Wheel Games Included Wii Sports Transformers Mariokart A great deal @ $275 baconpan
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    Help Needed-Installing a new PCI Card

    Just got a new firewire pci card for my Desktop. Since my computer only has 2 pci slots I removed the Ethernet card and plugged in the firewire card. I understand that when you remove a card and put a new one in, windows still looks for the Ethernet card. I was told that I need to uninstall...
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    .:Matt Dublin - A Midsummer Night's Dream (Antagonistic Bassline House) :.

    It's been awhile since I've put something together so I picked out my favorite tunes over the last 3 months and fun 2 hour mix was the result. Expect bass heavy club bangers with funky broken beat interludes... Thanks to Mike Ryan for hosting - u da man. Matt Dublin - A Midsummer...
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    Men's Competitive Hardball

    Been playin' beer league ball for about 5 years and I'm looking to play more competitive hardball this summer. Anyone know of any men's hardball leagues? cheers
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    fire sam mitchell

    do it.
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    Matt Dublin - Neck Thrust (top fidget house tunes of 2007)

    here are my favorite fidget house tunes of 2007 I hope you like them too(click here) ch33se ch33se ch33se ch33se ch33se ch33se ch33se ch33se ch33se 1. Justin Martin-Ghetto Train 2. Magik Johnson-Don't_Laugh 3. The bulgarian - Jack it like a zombie 4. ben westbeech - dance with me...
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    The Serato Tips and Tricks thread

    Appears that there are quite a few users of serato on tribe now so why don't we share tips and tricks we have found using serato. I will start - DOWNLOAD version 1.8 - the needle drop in relative mode is killer!
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    laptop batteries

    My battery cannot be charged anymore(long story) where can I get a new one.(Don't tell me to go back where I got the laptop, got it from ebay) muchos gracias
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    ==matt dublin-le knight klub(un album de maison française et baltimore club)==

    tracklist à suivre sous peu matt dublin - le knight klub
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    Phantom Laptop Boot

    My laptop has started doing crazy things, when I turn it off and it is connected to the internet waits a minute or two and then boots up without me touching anything. I have been able to mitigate this by unplugging the internet connection prior to turning off. Anyone have an idea why this is...
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    .:Matt Dublin - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (epic electro bootyhouse):.

    Download it. Get your best pair of dooky booty shorts out. Crank it. Ride the wave. ch33se ch33se ch33se ch33se ch33se ch33se ch33se ch33se ch33se Right Click, Save Ass