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    FS: Lily Allen ticket (Wed, April 22nd)

    I have an extra ticket to the Lily Allen concert if anyone is interested in going. Price was around $40 with service charges. Asking for $20. Can meet up before the concert to make the exchange. e-mail me: ian@thechapmangroup.ca
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    FS: 2004 Toyotal Corolla. Excellent condition, low KMs!

    I am selling my wife's 2004 Toyota Corolla CE. It has only 67,000 km on the odometer and is in excellent condition, with no rust and no rips, tears, or stains on the upholstery or dash. The vehicle has been lady-driven and maintained exclusively at Toyota dealerships (can provide records if...
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    FS: BMW Winter Wheels + Tires - 17 inch (almost new)

    I am selling a set of winter wheels and tires for BMW vehicles. The tires are in excellent condition (they were used for one season only, and have maybe 3,000 km on them). The wheels are in good condition - a couple of them have a few curb scrapes around the edge of the rim. Nothing that is...
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    FS: 2 tickets to Led Zepplica

    Anyone need a pair of tickets to Led Zepplica? They are a great Led Zeppelin tribute band from California. The show is tomorrow at the Sony/Hummingbird Centre and I have an extra pair of tickets. Face value is $121 with all the TM charges. I am looking for $100. They are Row "R" and are...
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    FS: Various Computer Parts (CPU / MB / HD / Video)

    I have some left over parts from a PC that was used for a project for about 4 months. Everything is in perfect working order. Asus P4PE-X motherboard - $50 Intel P4 2.8 Ghz (533 FSB) Pentium CPU (with fan)- $50 Seagate Barracuda 250 GB hard drive (16 MB cache) - $50 ATI Radeon...
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    FS: Nokia 8801 GSM World Phone

    I have for sale a Nokia 8801 phone. It is approximately 1 year old and in excellent condition. The screen is absolutely beatiful. The pictures do not do it justice. There are no noticable scratches on the phone. There is however one very small piece of plastic that is cracked. It is very hard...
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    FS: Sony photo printer (dye-sub) w/LCD touchscreen

    I am looking to sell my Sony photo printer. It accepts several forms of memory cards and is easy to use without a computer as it has a nice LCD touchscreen as its interface. It uses a dye sublimation printing process (not inkjet) which provides superior output. Pictures are very durable as the...
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    FS: Furniture, TVs, Electronics, Appliances, etc

    With my girlfriend moving in, we have lots of duplicate items, so they are all being listed for sale here. Sony XBR Television - $1,200 OBO ViewSonic LCD Television - $750 OBO Sony WEGA Television - $250 OBO Sony Home Theatre - $350 OBO XBOX - $100 FIRM Linksys Wireless Router - $40 OBO...
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    FS: Sony XBR 36 inch HDTV

    I've listed this before on Tribe, but moreso as a "feeler". But now I really need to depart with it. Any reasonable offers will be entertained. I am looking to sell my 4 year old Sony XBR 36 inch TV (KV36XBR400). The XBR was Sony's highest model HDTV (at the time) and is a much higher quality...
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    FS: Motorola RAZR V3 (unlocked)

    I am selling a Motorola RAZR V3 phone. This phone is UNLOCKED, and UNBRANDED directly from Motorola. It was NOT unlocked by a sketchy dude at Pacific Mall. ;) This phone will work with Fido, Rogers, or any other GSM provider, and is perfect for anyone not looking to enter into a long-term...
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    FS: CDJ-200s / DJM-300 / Monitors / + more

    Each item for sale is listed below. All items are in mint or excellent condition and were purchased in September 2005. Boxes/manuals/accessories are included for most items (except for the DJM-300). 2 x Pioneer CDJ-200 - $450 obo (each) 1 x Pioneer DJM-300 mixer - $275 obo 2 x...
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    FS: Dynex Dual-layer DVD+Rs (15 pack)

    I have an extra 15-pack of Dynex dual-layer DVD+Rs lying around that I have no real use for. I bought a whole bunch of them quite a while ago and I have more than I need. the package is still sealed. Click here for the details of the discs. I burned about 50+ discs without a single...
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    FS: New Imperia 10 piece cookware

    Just as the title says, I am selling a brand new (never opened) set of Imperia cookware. All the items in the box can be seen in the image below. Asking price is $100 and the item can be picked up in Mississauga, or shipped or hand delivered for a reasonable fee. If you are interested...
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    LF: Local (Toronto/GTA) artist/painter

    I am starting a business venture and need the assistance of an artist. What I am in need of specifically is either an existing painting (that has not had copies printed of it), or a brand new piece that has yet to be created. Requirements of the painting: - Must be somewhat large (at...
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    LF: Painting by a local artist

    I am starting a business venture and need the assistance of an artist. What I am in need of specifically is either an existing painting (that has not had copies printed of it), or a brand new piece that has yet to be created. Requirements of the painting: - Must be somewhat large (at...
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    LF: 23 - 32 inch LCD TV

    I know this is a longshot, but if anyone is looking to sell (or knows where to get a good deal on) an LCD TV, let me know. I am looking for sizes in the 23 - 32 inch range. I don't need the best picture quality, as it is just for the bedroom. I would consider a used one as long as it is a...
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    FS: UPS - APC XS 1000 Battery Backup

    I have for sale an APC UPS. It is the XS 1000 model, which is more than enough for most desktops. Everything still works on it and the battery is good for about 20-30 minutes of backup time. I'd prefer to sell it locally, because shipping it to someone in the US that is on eBay would probably...
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    FS: AMD 2800+ Computer and lots of peripherals

    I have for sale a computer that I no longer need. It was put together by myself, and all parts are approximately 1 year old. It is quite a fast machine (for the price) and there is nothing wrong with it either cosmetically, or operations-wise. I simply no longer need the machine. It handles...
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    FS: Windows XP Professional (full version)

    I have for sale one copy of Windows XP Professional. It is a legitimate copy that is no longer in use. I am asking $175 for the software (usually retails for about $400 if purchased as a full version without buying a new computer). If you are interested in purchasing it (or have any...
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    LF: Perl developer (2-3 month contract)

    I am looking for a qualified Perl programmer for a 2 or 3 month contract (maybe extend longer). The contract is fairly flexible. You can work from home, but must put in at least 20 hours/week (40 would be preferred). Please e-mail me: at ian <AT> thechapmangroup.ca for more information. - Ian