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    where in montreal...........

    ...........should i go this weekend for good breaks? im gonna be there from friday night to monday night.
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    what's goin' on.......

    i am gonna be in montreal this weekend and was wondering where the breaks are? gonna be there from friday nite to monday. thanx
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    does anybody know about this?!?!?!?

    i am intrigued, excited, and worried. these articles have been appearing in electronic musician magazine. the links are in cronological order. http://emusician.com/ar/emusic_music_brain/ http://emusician.com/ar/emusic_imagine/ http://emusician.com/ar/emusic_cybersinger/
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    new mix for y'all

    i hereby invoke spring to set upon us with this mix! (i hope this works) playlist:: JDS-Don't Be Alone-TCR Jaydee-Plastic Dreams(Tayo & Acid Rockers rmx)-Positiva X Men-Dope Dealer-White Unknown-Bucci Blag-White JDS-Blackout-TCR Horace-Ferris-Horace Music Luke Fair-Twisted...
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    live from miami!!

    live rennie live hyper live uberzone all on annie nightingale last week! http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/radio1_aod.shtml?nightingale#
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    sample cd's

    is there any where in T.O. that keeps a somewhat up-to-date inventory of sample cd's?
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    cool new toy!!

    it's a mousepad that's uses your fingers instead of a mouse. http://www.fingerworks.com/overview.html and here's a toronto distributor for these: http://www.torcomp.com/fingerworks/index.cfm?switch_cur=1
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    collaborating with breaks prods

    i've been trying to produce tracks for about a year now and feel that i'm doing pretty good. i'd like to try working with other breaks producers out there to see what could happen. i use both reason and cubase as sequencers and while i don't have any hardware synths, i do have lots of vst and...
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    the new guy

    hello tribe breakers. seeing as to i'm new around here, and alot of you seem to know each other, i join this board bearing gifts. http://www.redfella.net/audio/bob_stone.mp3 it might not be as good as some of the mixes on this board lately, but good nonetheless. enjoy.....