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    tv commercial for? (ever thought abt picking up some of that $?)

    in the commercial, this white rapper guy makes it rain, & his accountant says something like "have u ever thought abt picking up some of that money up?" and rapper is like "hmmm" (chin scratch) does anybody remember what that was a commercial *for*? if so, link?
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    and death

    “They think it’s not happening, the onset is also rather mild to start with, so they start taking more pills because they think that they got lower doses and they end up with more significant overdoses,” B.C.’s provincial health officer, Perry Kendall, said last week in a briefing to reporters...
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    Beefs w/ your neighbour

    Thought I'd open a thread on beefs you've had w/ your next door neighbour or somebody in your hood, and the outcome &/or blowback. To get the ball rolling, here's an email I sent my next door neighbour this morning (he responded in good humour & we're cool): I think it's great you have an...
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    Canada Day in Ottawa

    Got our pre-drink on at our block party; we live downtown, so The Hill is about a 10 minute walk. Fuelled by burgers & much wine, took to the streets. Glad we were on foot, since all Northbound streets were blocked a few blocks from Wellington. The Hill was jammed with family hour meets...
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    vodka pills?

    Finally. Rail 'em ftw! Vodka in Pill Form
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    Popping my review cherry here, so i'll stick to alexd's recommended format: /*** The best reviews always cover: 1. music 2. venue / production 3. vibe ***/ 1. warm up sets + mc jumpin. got there *early*. included some skillfully mixed trax & samples from a decade or so ago. mc...
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    Anybody? I've public speaking gig that winds up shortly before doors open By then I'll be ready to blow off some steam...
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    track id: telus spot?

    Track for the telus commercial w/ the meerkat plugging blackberry? ("turn downtime into uptime w/ the internet on the go")?
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    Can't see online images on Vista PC

    I did a search, but had no luck finding a similar thread. Anyhoo, bought a new laptop; it came w/ Vista. I can see online images just fine on my XP PC; in many cases, the same images appear as a little red x bounded by the border for the image when trying to look at same on my Vista PC. Do I...
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    Friendship expiry dates

    A reunion of sorts. Queen bee comes home. Some of the cast from hard partying days (1996-2001), some new (to me anyway, since I don't make it out much anymore) youngish & pretty fresh faces. Pub setting. Cross talk galore. Left after rehabbed departed & before the party went upstairs to an...
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    Where to dine in Quebec City

    So I'm stuck here on biz tonite. I have $70 for dinner. Where to eat? Anything but Italian. Open to any recommendations other than Italian. Thx
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    Where to find an oldskool lumberjack plaid jacket?

    The plaid pattern on new skool ones are all wrong. If you're a geezer, you'll remember the oldskool ones: feels like thick flannel (i.e. not quilted), either black on red, or blue & red on light blue; square + small rectangle check (geezers will remember them paired w/ wide legs tucked into the...
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    So I crushed the ball socket joint in my ankle (bone crushed at tibia end & ankle). After looking at my MRI & x-rays, doc tells me that I'm looking at long-term pain management. He suggested Suplasyn (I'm not interested in nsaids or painkillers). Does anybody here have any experience w/ or know...
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    Bacon floss!

    And keep your breath crispy bacon fresh with bacon mints when you buy the bacon floss: http://www.mcphee.com/items/11847.html
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    a close friend suddenly passed away

    I just got one of those "are you sitting down" phone calls. The brother of a close friend since high school (which I'm also a good friend of) just called to tell me his parents found Craig on Sunday evening when they went over for dinner. It looks like he passed suddenly of a massive heart...
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    mp3 editor?

    Can anybody recommend a simple editor? I want to edit a mp3 to use as a ringtone on the BB that was just foisted on me. I'm looking for an editor that's simple, easy & free. Something like the wave editor in Acid would be great. Anything more fully featured seems like overkill. (I'm...
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    Injury by misadventure

    Got back recently from skiing near Salt Lake City (I never did find out what the deal was with Mormon underwear). The setup: Day before injury, skiing in a freak T-storm dumping so hard snow flowed like water down steeps. Vertigo from snow devils on open slopes, so I stuck to the trees; no...
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    Anybody here skied around Salt Lake City?

    I'm heading to SLC mid-month. Tons of skiing nearby; other than hitting Alta/Snowbird & avoiding Park City Resort, I'm having trouble choosing where to go. Steeps & tight trees are my preferred terrain. Any recommendations?
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    Who here is a fan of Dethklok, the most brutal metal band evar?
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    problems deleting

    Couldn't delete a file from folder or from recycle bin; says it's in use by an app (it isn't as far as I know; I tried after coming in from a clean reboot). I was able to kill it from a DOS prompt -- being old skool & remembering how to do stuff from the prompt came in handy. Anyways...