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    why do folks on this board...

    ...always have a need to broadcast their daily plans / activities? there are weekend threads, friday threads, saturday threads, sunny sunday threads, rainy saturday afternoon threads, its cold outside and my dick hurts wednesday evening threads, im taking a dump and making a grilled cheese...
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    toronto shoestores?

    where can i find a shoestore in TO that carries a wide selection of new balance shoes? they have new balance stores in korea...just wondering if they have anything like that here? i desperately need a new pair of comfie shoes. danke! steve.
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    Virus Software?

    i've been a mac user for the last 1-2 years. im setting up a windows box for my mom and dad to use for email and banking and whatnot. my mom insists on having virus scanning software installed...but i have no idea what software is good these days. any suggestions? please and thank you :)...
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    jazzy house track recommendations

    hey guys, im making a mix cd for a friend of mine. i wanna put some really chilled out jazzy / summery type of tracks on there and im looking for some recommendations. im looking for tracks that have the same type of sound as rouge rose by st germain or the bob sinclar mix of starudst's...
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    dating a coworker

    anyone ever done it successfully? lets hear your stories...both positive and negative. there's this girl at work who i really like, but im hesitant on asking her out. you know the saying 'dont shit where you sleep' or something or other. so yea... steve.
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    has anyone ever seen this flick? i saw it here at a dvd room in s. korea and its one of the best movies i've ever seen! absolutely amazing!! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0364569/?fr=c2l0ZT1kZnxteD0yMHxsbT01MDB8dHQ9b258ZmI9dXxwbj0wfHE9b2xkYm95fGh0bWw9MXxubT1vbg__;fc=1;ft=21;fm=1 they're...
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    FS: Linksys BEFW11S4 Wireless B Router

    im upgrading to 802.11g so i'm letting this go. works flawlessly. $40 the image says it all... steve.
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    wireless networking question...again

    ok, we have a wireless network here at home with 5 machines. the signal strength is pretty weak in the basement since the router is located upstairs. we are all on wireless b cards (including the router). i have stumbled upon an excellent deal on a linksys wireless g router. now my...
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    wireless networking question

    will an 802.11g card be able to connect to an 802.11b router/network? it would make sense that it would (although it would run at b speeds), but i just want to make sure. anyone? steve.
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    new powerbooks released!

    for all you mac fans, the new powerbooks were released today...they look sick! http://www.apple.com/ca/powerbook/ 512mb standard 5400 rpm HD's standard 8x superdrive standard glad i waited! the new 1.6 17" looks sweet. steve.
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    i think i'm losing it...

    ok, someone go to this forum: http://www.eslcafe.com/forums/korea/viewforum.php?f=1 and let me know if you can find a way to register so you can post. i've been trying to find the registration button, but cant...im going nuts. steve.
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    FS: Powermac G4 733 Digital Audio

    733 Mhz G4 1 Gb RAM 2x 80GB HD = 160 GB total! ATI 64 meg video Superdrive (dvdr/cdrw) Iomega Zip Drive Apple pro keyboard and mouse Software includes OSX Panther, Microsoft Office 2004, Adobe CS, and Toast 6 Titanium. looking for $1200.00 not sure if i left anything out? if so...
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    password protected .rar files

    is there any way i can extract a password protected .rar file? i just downloaded the doors discography on bittorrent, but the bloody rar file is password protected!! anything? steve.
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    Logitech MX500 mouse only 14.99 @ FS

    just thought i'd let you guys know, you can pick up this sweet mouse for only 15 bucks at future shop because of a flyer misprint. regular price is 60 bucks! here are the details: "CORRECTION NOTIFICATION Logitech MX510 Mouse WebID:10051062/10041720 This red or blue mouse is...
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    where would YOU go?

    i am faced with a bit of a conundrum... ;) lee burridge + craig richards @ fabric or danny howells 8 hour set @ the end steve.
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    goes in hot, comes out hot

    went to duff's wings last night. had 20 of their hot wings. yada yada yada im really feeling it this morning :D steve.
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    iriver ihp-100 for sale

    i'm looking to sell my iriver 10 gig mp3 player. it's used but it's in perfect condition! Perfect for mp3/wav listening, recording dj sets, recording samples, etc... Features: Plays over 300 hours of digital music Up to 16 hours of battery life Supports MP3, WMA, ASF and WAV music...
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    where to get large laminated maps?

    anyone know where i can get a large laminated map of europe? something pretty detailed... i'd prefer to buy it locally as opposed to something over the web, but im easy. thanks, steve.
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    what happened on hwy 400??

    did anyone see this? i was just driving south on the 400 about an hour ago, and the northbound lanes (starting about 3-4 km north of the 401) were completely closed. tons of cops, ambulances, etc... it was so bad, that the cars waiting in the mess started using the shoulder as a southbound...
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    hernan cattaneo's renaissance

    for the people that have given this a listen...what do you all think? it has to be one of the better comps i've heard in a while. especially cd1..soo good! 'time to kill' and 'cultural assertion' = :eek: steve.