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    Car Bombs Shatter Government Building Windows in Oslo

    Crazy stuff, people bleeding in the streets from falling glass.... Google Translate
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    LF 1 Green Day Lawn ticket for the Amphitheatre tonight

    Hi All, The ticket I got in the mail seemed to have got up and walked out of my house. Need a lawn ticket urgently for tonight, will pick up in Toronto. Offering $50 Thanks Dan
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    Film editing help.

    Hi, I'm currently working on a 2 min comedy short for possible screening at Second City which we're shooting next weekend. There will be a fair bit of editing in post-production and wanted to get thoughts from those who know on the best software for PC to get the job done. Don't need...
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    Email 10 yr Anniversary at Global Back Packers

    Very cool, intimate little jam -- lot's of old faces ensured a good portion of the night was spent catching up. I'm really digging this patio/space, with the additional bonus of meeting some great people from abroad who were staying at the hostel. solid showing from the majority of the...
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    Email Productions 10 year Anniversary

    Should prove to be a great night out at Global BackPackers -- and cheap! Some of the old local names including Marty McFly(!!!) and D-minus will be playing, but for me it will be a great opportunity to catch up with some old faces.
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    USB Port Software Issue/Recommendations for affordable computer repair

    Hey All, Quite suddenly all of my usb ports in my home desktop aren't working. Every time I plug in a device, it says it's "unrecognizable". I've looked around online and tried a few methods(one as simple as unplugging the power source, which worked for 45 seconds before i started getting...
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    Madrid and Barcelona -- good places to ShoppingCart/Sprinkler?

    Hey All, Going to be in these two cities over the next week and a half, and hoping to get recommendations for where to get my dance on. Electronic muzak preferrably. Grathiath Dan
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    Excel scripting/macro help

    Hey guys, Need a bit of a hand with this one -- hoping someone here has had to do something like this before. Ideally I'd like to move a bunch of data subsets within a master file to new workbooks with a naming convention. I'd like for this to happen automatically. So, the name in...
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    Web Hosting Company Recommendations

    Hey All, Putting together a website which may require a decent amount of bandwidth(at least 2,000 gigs, but if i can get more for a good price, booyah). I'd like at least 2 Domain names thrown in, and at least 500 gigs of disk space for content. I've been looking at Netfirms, but would...
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    BBQ Recipes for Manly Men

    My name is Dan, and I have an unnatural obsession with the art of good BBQ. I usually work with a modified version of Diana sauce(especially when inhibited by time or the routine Sunday hangover) but would like to subscribe to your respective newsletters regarding the perfect sauce for a...
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    LF: Lenses for Nikon D70 and a computer desk

    Hey all, my crappy ikea desk bit the big one and wouldn't mind saving a few bucks by buying one used. Also - I'm looking for anyone selling lenses for a Nikon D70 Cheers Dan
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    LF: Lens for Nikon D70

    Hey all, Just bought a Nikon D70 SLR, but just the body. If anyone has compatible lenses that are collecting dust, shoot me a pm or reply here with the deets and an asking price. cheers Dan
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    Advice Thread: Dublin

    Hay Guise! I've made some last minute travel plans, and I'm trying to find a hostel for Saturday March 10th in Dublin. I really can't afford to book a 60 Euro Hotel room, and it seems all of the regular, cheaper hostels are booked tight. A question for you travellers -- would it be an...
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    Volunteer Position!: Logistics Staff member needed for Scientific Expedition

    Hey Guys, We are looking for one more for our Operation Wallacea logistics team in Honduras! This is a one of kind opportunity that will allow you access to extremely remote areas of rain forest and cloud forest, as a support staff member for a scientific expedition! This is a volunteer...
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    BRT: So Long

    I'm leaving on an autoplane to Englandia in 10 hours, and probably won't be back to visit for quite awhile. take care of yourselves, and eachother! Dan
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    Advice Thread: Living in England.

    Hey all, Two weeks from today I will be leaving on a jet plane to begin a new chapter in jolly ol' England. Just looking for a few words of wisdom regarding settling/fitting in, saving money, and places to check out! I will be living in Nottingham for the first while, so except for...
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    LF cheap laptop for travelling.

    Hey all, Looking for a cheap laptop I can truck around with me while travelling. I guess my only requirement is that it has a WiFi card and at least 40gb harddrive space. I'd also like to spend around $400-500 max. thank you for your keen attention to this important matter. your...
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    The most badass seal of them all

    With so many species of seal to choose from and idolize, it was difficult to decide which one is the baddest badass of them all. May I present to you Crystophora Cristata, more commonly known as the Hooded Seal. Known not only for their insidious, flagrant disregard for traffic law...
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    Recommendations for Torrent Sites with a Good Ebook selection

    Hey all, I've recently been looking for a good site for ebooks. I'm looking for more non-fiction(biology textbooks, scientific texts, business texts), but wouldn't mind finding some good fiction as well, if it's around. Can anyone give me a recommendation? Please feel free to pm me if...
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    Have a great summer kids! Behave yourselves!

    Well my friends, I'm headed away Monday morning to start saving the world(or more accurately, having the world save me) one Honduran national park at a time. hah! Behave yourselves this summer! Limit the penetration to a maximum of three orifaces at a time(re: Spence's mom), and I think we'll...