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    Allen & Heath Xone:62

    Perfect condition Used in smoke-free, home studio Best mixer I've ever owned, hands-down. If the bombs ever fall, I'm sure this thing will keep working - the thing is built like a tank. I've moved in a different direction musically and need to re-arrange my studio - I'm just not using...
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    AdamDuke >>>Phase One Radio mix >>> july2010

    http://soundcloud.com/adamduke/adamduke-july2010mix-phaseoneradio Long time, no squeek... ;) tracklisting>>> the mind – ryo murakami bring it down (alex medina) – someone else monkey sun (yapacc) – souki escarcha en el cesped – omar salgado straight into the wall (yapacc) – reynold...
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    Keep it rollin'...

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    Anyone used VIPeers for torrent uploading?

    Admittedly, I haven't uploaded before, but while everything seems hunky dory on my file on mininova, (i uploaded to VIPeers, then it give you the link to put it directly on mininova through its own system) it's been telling me that there are 0 peers for hours now....have i done something wrong?
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    Local Graffiti

    I'm looking for local graffiti artists for some work, preferably with online portfolios...anybody know any? Time is of the essence!
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    Geek porn in multiple flavours!

    http://www.vimeo.com/902069 make sure you watch this beaut full-screen styles...!
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    Matthew Dear robbed DURING set

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    discoloured vertical bar in .avi files

    anyone have any ideas? Am i missing a codec? the file plays fine, there's just an annoying semi-translucent bar of colour on each of four recent downloads...
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    FS: 20" Sony tv, Sony DVD player, Monster component cable

    Christmas brought me some new toys, so I'm moving out my previous ones: > 20" Sony Trinitron tv w/ remote > Sony DVD/CD/DVD+RW/DivX player w/ remote > Monster component video 2 1M cable (brand new - used one day) everything in perfect working order asking $200...
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    FS: black Technics SL1200 MK2 turntable w/ Ortofon Nightclub needle

    The industry standard for club dj's worldwide... Black Technics SL-1200MK2 turntable in good condition w/ cover + Ortofon 'Niteclub Series' headshell and cartridge. Asking $500.00 Must pick up. contact: hardtekfunk@hotmail.com
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    Any news on Drop The Lime???

    ??? Really wanted to catch this, but alas it was Mother's Day weekend...
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    11 dead, 100 injured in kite flying festival

    http://www.breakingnews.ie/World/?jp=CWSNSNGBGBSN wow...rough crowd!
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    Tron, Star Wars EPIC!

    this is the reason the internet was invented! http://www.channel102.net/show.php?show=2 seriously, the funniest thing I've seen in months
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    WE DID IT! (or "What I Want For Christmas")

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    j Hunsberger @ TOI bar...tonight!

    I'm def excited about some dancefloor shuffle action tonight with Atilla the Hunsberger, Goin' Downer and The Predator! it's gonna be ridiculous!
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    car rides on half-pipe!

    Looks like Nissan is doing an uber-cool, underground marketing schtick.. Undoubtedly, some stupid ass teenager is going to really try to do something like this and get maimed, but let's enjoy the marvels of cool technology & the magnificence of entertainment for the moment, shall we...
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    mp3 file size

    Anyone have any solid tips for changing an mp3 file size to less than 600K? It's only a 7 min. track and even at 96kbps it's still at 4MB. I'd really like to keep the stereo, if possible...
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    Presets @ The Drake...thursday (TONIGHT!)

    $5 y'all..... and finally CONFIRMED!
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    You gotta see this...

    ...and as if any of you needed more reasons... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ta-M7wf8Tbk
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    HOLY SHIT! Para One AND SebastiAn!

    AND Uffie & DJ Feadz!!! Dj Medhi's ok never heard of Busy P (except on myspace) AND ALL AFTER ELLEN ALLIEN & APPARAT!!!! on Sept 1/06 @ The Mod Club!! HOLY CRAP!!!! that's gonna be one exhausting evening!!