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    TRIBE Exclusive 2: Freaky Flow - September '97

    TRIBE Exclusive 2: Freaky Flow - September '97 Does anyone have this tape? If so, are they willing to part with it, or a copy of it, or a rip of it? I can't find my copy, and it's my favourite tape. I'm lost without it. Help.
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    For sale: 2 Technics SL1200 MK2

    Two Technics SL 1200 MK2s, with slipmats and Stanton 680-II cartridges. Approximately 2 years old, still in immaculate condition. Asking 1100, but I'm willing to negotiate. Here they are: I live in the Hamilton area, and I will gladly deliver them to you if you live in the...
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    Dress codes in England?

    My girlfriend is going to study in England for a semester (University of Leeds) at the end of the month, and she's concerned about the dress codes she's heard that most clubs have. Here she sticks to small clubs (e.g. Element) and dresses fairly casually. She's not a fan of dressing like a...
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    Track ID for a couple old tapes.

    2 requests: Does anyone know what the first two tracks are called on Side 1 of Mark Oliver's Icicle Works tape? Secondly, does anyone have a complete track listing for SOS's E!Nuf New Year's 97-98 tape? I know what most of the tracks are called, but there are a few that elude me, and I'm...