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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Rumour has it that it will be released in late september/early october. 7 years has been an incredibly long time to wait, and though I'm not really a consistent gamer anymore, I can't wait to sink back into this world. RDR was one of the best video games I've ever played. The open world, the...
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    tobes - snowglobe (melodic vocal house)

    a new, a la carte mix i put together this afternoon to acknowledge winter's grand arrival across southern ontario...enjoy :)
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    Fort McMurray Wildfire

    Off the top of my head, I can't remember when/if a fire has threatened a city this big in Canada in recent memory. As of yesterday/last night, it seems like it wasn't too threatening and somewhat under control, but over the past 12 hours the winds have picked up and it's already burned...
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    tobes - daydream (deep melodic vocal house)

    new mix for spring! enjoy :) www.soundcloud.com/tobes/daydream
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    tobes - woodstove (melodic deep house)

    as the days get shorter and the cold nights are upon us, there are few things more soothing and comforting during the winter months than the warmth of a classic woodstove. put on some wool socks, make a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy :) https://soundcloud.com/tobes/woodstove
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    tobes - kayak (deep melodic vocal house)

    a new deep melodic vocal house mix to take us through these last lazy days of summer. featuring lane 8, super flu, nora en pure, joris voorn and more... https://soundcloud.com/tobes/kayak
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    tobes - maple (house)

    pure maple syrup features over 54 antioxidants, and features high levels of zinc and manganese, keeping the heart healthy and boosting the immune system. enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/tobes/maple gab rhome - i've changed my scent for you escape - just escape (justin martin remix) mr...
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    Electric Island 2015

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    tobes - boardwalk (uplifting vocal house)

    a taste of summer during the long, cold gray winter months... https://soundcloud.com/tobes/boardwalk croquet club - only you can tell hundreds - ten headed best (christian loffler remix) vincenzo - just like heaven cubicolor - got this feeling 16 bit lolitas - deep in my soul...
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    Anjunadeep Toronto - Fri Feb 6

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    Lane 8 @ Coda

    Easily my favorite producer over the past 18 months, this guy defines the anjunadeep sound...
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    Hands Up, Don't Shoot - Hong Kong Edition

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    French Express Label Night @ The Hoxton

    This coming Friday, with special guest Ben Pearce.
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    tobes - georgian bay shoreline (melodic house)

    new melodic house mix in time for the changing of the seasons... enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/tobes/georgian-bay-shoreline 16 bit lolitas - premium emo wild culture - fade satin jackets - sunrise in paradise jessie ware - tough love (cyril hahn remix) chet faker - 1998 (reshaped by...
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    Lane 8 @ Toika - Sat Aug 2

    Glad to finally see Lane 8 touch down in Toronto. Been enjoying his productions over the past year, and would highly recommend if you're a fan of uplifting melodic summery house music. Check out his summer mixtape, some real gems on this one...
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    super flu @ cherry beach

    today. technics1200baconpan
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    NXNE this weekend

    anyone hitting up any of the nxne events this weekend? i'm looking forward to seeing st. vincent @ yonge/dundas square tonight, as well as spoon tomorrow night. along with the forecasted weather, should be a great weekend to kick off the summer in the city.
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    tobes - pacific coast highway (uplifting melodic house)

    earlier this year i had the chance to do a drive of a lifetime, the pacific coast highway. it was an incredible feeling passing south through monterey, and then feeling a rush as the road started to cut right into the side of the mountains, and looking out towards the pacific ocean as far as...
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    Luke Slater/Box Of Kittens @ 99 Sudbury

    Been about 10 years since he's been in Toronto, which is long overdue. Throw in the Box Of Kittens crew (sans Hali), and you have the recipe for a fantastic warehouse vibe. Unfortunately I won't be in the city for this Saturday, but highly recommend you check it out if you can technics1200