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    pretty big fire somewhere near the annex...

    we can see a big fire being doused from my office... anybody know what's burning?
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    LF: Bell Mobility Cell Phone

    Hello! I'm looking for someone's old bell phone that they're not using anymore and willing to part with on the cheap. My phone died on me and I'm trying to avoid paying big bucks for a new one. Please PM me. Thanks.
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    Ed Banger!!!

    Arcade Fire. Bubbles. Oh my fucking lord almighty.
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    "Spaceman: A Baseball Oddysey"

    hmmm. I think my last thread in the sports room was about Dock Ellis and the infamous 'LSD no-hitter'. I must have a thing for pitchers who like their drugs. 'Spaceman: A Baseball Oddysey' is a documentary about Bill Spaceman Lee in his days spent pitching in Cuba. The trailer looks good...
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    Hotdocs 2007

    Lineup announced today: http://hotdocs.bside.com/?tabArg=_profile&_view=_films Post your picks!
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    Restaurant Recommendations around Yonge and Wellesley?

    Anybody have any favourites that are good date type places?? Thanks!!
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    LF: Vintage Lite Brite

    Looking for an old-schooly working Lite Brite. Call your moms, check your basements, I've got cold hard cash like Russell Oliver.
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    FS: Super Heavy Duty 'Woods-- Arctic Brand' Parka

    I'm selling a big 'fuck-off' Woods parka. It's a size L, but its actual size is huge and heavy. It has a removable and lovable coyote hood-liner. This coat saved my life on many mid-February all-nighters working outside. It keeps you so warm that you can pretty much go bare-chested underneath...
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    Quantic at Turning Point- Sat Sept 9

    from his website: " * Gladstone Ballroom, Toronto, Canada * * This in important return to Toronto, as this is Quantic's debut DJ Set at Symon Warwick's infamous club night. Tropical is the theme so expect a wider range of sounds and deeper than normal. Salsa, Cumbia, Dancefloor...
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    Dock Ellis and The Great LSD No-Hitter!

    Los Angeles, April 8, 1984- Former Pittsburgh Pirates' pitcher Dock Ellis says he was under the influence of LSD when he pitched a 1970 no-hitter against the San Diego Padres. Ellis, now co-ordinator of an anti drug program in Los Angeles, said he didn't know until six hours before his June...
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    does anone have an email for dirty dale arsenault?

    please pm me if ya do! thank you greatly.
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    track listing from old Paul E Lopes Whatnaut House..

    Can somebody tell me what track 10 is?
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    hotdocs 2006.

    this year's program and schedule has been released. www.hotdocs.ca post your picks here!
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    Women 25 and older. Participate in a scholarly study on Toronto's rave culture.

    A friend's friend is doing her Master's thesis at Brock on women in the rave scene. I'm attaching an invitation to be a part of her study in case anybody can spare a bit of time in the name of higher learning. Her contact info is at the bottom. Thanks! :) Dear Potential Research...
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    FREE (With a Catch): Sony Discman DEJ 1000

    I've loved my discman but the pair of lithium rechargeables have died, and they cost $29.99 each to replace. It's not worth it for me to spend over $60 to get this thing up and going again, so if anybody wants it, it's yours. I think it is even still under warranty until Sept of this year.
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    Arabic Newspapers in Toronto?

    When in doubt, ask TRIBE! Does anybody know the names of the major Arabic newspapers in Toronto? Also, where might I procure a few copies? Thanks!
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    can anybody link me to that new york hotels thread of a few weeks ago?

    i seem to be too dumb to find it... thanks greatly!
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    brt chrome.

    yo playboy. I have to talk to you about Belize e New Years.
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    Happy Birthday Kazoo!

    See you tonight, wild man. You better be on your game. I'm expecting no less than frontal nudity at the Keg.