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    Is Jerry Springer staged?

    Hey... I am sure it is... is there proof??? (Watching Spagetti Ho's as we speak... wicked)
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    I need your Help... $$$

    Circle Productions is interested in a small pick-up truck for an upcoming commercial production that shoots Monday September 19th, 2005, and Tuesday September 20th 2005. Circle Productions is a Canadian based commercial production company with offices in Toronto and Vancouver. We are known...
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    CANACA help

    Does anyone have there emergency number? their servers are down...
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    so I just walked into Starbucks...

    and they are selling the new Beck CD... Does anyone else find this deeply disturbing?
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    What day does the bunny come?

    I have no idea? Tonight?
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    No OM this year :(

    Om 2005 Is it too early? I can't wait! 3 more months! See you there!
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    The morning after...

    ...you submitted your two weeks... how was it? I just interviewed for another job, and have my fingers crossed... If I have to leave this job, I know my employers are not going to take it very well. How did the two weeks work out? Can I give notice and then use my vacation time? This could...
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    Robarts party, anyone?

    gunna be here alllllll night....
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    Rock and roll geology triva

    uh.. yeah.. so I need to identify some rocks... I am clueless... help a brother out... what are these... 1. 2. 3. many thanks!
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    Running out of excuses...

    So... i am working in a shitty dead end job right now, but am getting lots of interviews for dream jobs... Which is fantastic... execpt, I am very quickly running out of excuses to miss work and to show up in a suit (<-- now I change in the bathroom before and after and sneek out spy...
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    Japanese Canadian Tribers!

    Hey you fine folk. I am doing an antho project on the long term (intra-generational effects) of the Japanese Canadian Internment experience.... Not a light subject, I know.... If you are Japanese, and Canadian and don't mind talking to me in the downtown core between today and monday.. I will...
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    DFA1979 Emergency

    Hey! Help a brother out... I need to pick up an extra ticket to the death from above 1979 show tonight or else I am gunna be dead meat! If anyone can help me out, I would love you forever! Love always, Matt p.s. I know this is in the wrong thread... I'm sorry. I won't do it again...
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    For Sublet: Huge 1 Bedroom @ Dundas and Ossington

    We’re away on tour from first week of May to mid-September. Looking to rent our beautiful apartment during that time. Will consider shorter periods if we can’t find someone interested in renting for the whole time. Spacious one bedroom, ideal for couple. Very large comfortable living...
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    pan european blackberry / cell providers

    hey, so I am setting up a tour for these cats and need some way to communicate while they are on the road. They are hitting up everywhere from france to singapore, to budapest. Is there a provder that anyone can suggest? Thanks! I love you all, matt
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    The Last Straw...

    everyone has a breaking point.... what's yours? my job has been draining the life out of me lately... i just walked in (first one in the office) and the place stinks... get a little closer to my desk and find the source. An emaciated dead mouse. My weekend offically starts now.
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    Paris Hilton's Address book, hacked.

    ? cory +1-443-812-2521 A, Christina 323-314-1960 Abraham, Josh joshabraham@mac.com A., Marco marcodemarco@tmail.com A., Marco marcodemarco@tmail.com Alastra, Tommy TAlastra@aol.com Abraham, Josh joshabraham@attwireless.blackberry.net Abrhams, Johnnie 1-917-648-2434 Adrien...
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    Miami Ad School

    Has anyone heard of it? Does it have any cred?
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    Agency Folk

    Hey, quick question... thoughs on the miami ad school? any info would be much appreciated! It seems to have a decent rep, but I don't want to be going to Devry abroad.
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    six hours, thirty nine minutes

    UNTIL THE WEEKEND! Thank god! it has been a loooooooong week!
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    Chiropractors in toronto

    any really good ones? any really bad ones? I need one.