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  1. J

    need some DOS batch file writing skills..

    anyone now how to suppress part of the path when using the DIR command? I still want the subfolders which why I need the /s switch.... but the /s switch causes displaying of the full path including the drive letter. here is my script: ECHO #EXTM3U > Playlist.m3u @echo off dir /o:n /b /s...
  2. J

    geeksta rap - it's np hard-core

    http://www.eetimes.com/news/latest/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=179101995 Monzy Sample lyrics: DWORD to your moms, I came to drop bombs; I've got more rhymes than San Jose'sgot dot-coms. I rep the Farm like 50 reps Queens, With more power than multitape Turing Machines. Blowin' up the...
  3. J

    convert m4a

    what's an easy way to batch convert audio .m4a files to wave/mp3? I was looking for a goldwave plugin, but couldn't find one. PS. I refuse to install winamp... looking for a really small exe or plugin to handle this without taking over my machine with alot of overhead.
  4. J

    FS: D-Link wireless pcmia adapter (A/B/G)

    D-Link Wireless tri-mode adapter for laptops. Works with all three wireless standards (802.11a, 11b, 11g). Original box and CD drivers included. Retails for about $100 Willing to sell for $50 Email me at blueprintmusic AT gmail.com (replace AT with @ please). Will deliver in...
  5. J

    latest ipsos reid poll

    I'm on the ipsos reid mailing list, and the latest survey was about tv commercials for tires. Check out one of the questions.. (this the real question BTW) Exactly what kind of help does this give to market research people?
  6. J

    rental cars... imports? in gta

    Does anyone know which car rental places offer cars that are not north american? ie.. toyota, mazda, honda, lexus, bmw, volkswagen, volvo... etc? and hyundai doesn't count :) I've checked out: enterprise, budget, thrifty, dollar, avis, discount (has toyota corolla only and not...
  7. J

    government and kids daycare.

    just a quick poll. considering how good the government runs everything else, would you really want your kids to go to a government run day care?
  8. J

    tips for removing background noises from accapellas?

    can anybody give me some tips on removing background noises from vocal samples? I have a few vocals that have a little bit of "crowd noises" in the background. it's strictly singing and this extra noise only (ie. no music at all). On one particular vocal... I've heard someone else sample...
  9. J

    rare DVD stores in Toronto?

    anyone know where in toronto I can buy rare DVD's that have been discontinued? In particular: Disney's Little Mermaid Fight Club collector's edition Resevoir Dogs (Mr. Brown collector's edition) Toy Story 1&2 box set I've searched the net and called about 5 different video stores...
  10. J

    feeling lucky?

    feeling lucky? work safe.
  11. J

    what time is "Is Harry on the Boat?" on tonight?

    the showcase website is f---cked. the guide on my TV is completely wrong for that channel. thanks.