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    FS: 2 x Technics 1200 M3D

    I don't have the time to DJ likes I used to.. so my MINT condition decks are for sale. They are the M3D model not the MK2.. so you know these are much newer then any of the MK2's in the buy and sell. $1200 Includes 2 decks in MINT cond, 45 adapters, dust covers, and much more goodies...
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    FS: Rane TTM57SL

    Unit is in mint condition, I was the only owner and it's registered in my name with Rane. I don't really have time to DJ these days like I used to... so gear has got to sadly go to a better home. http://scratchlive.net/about/scratchlive/rane-ttm57sl $1500 CDN Might consider trades for...
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    FS: One 4GB used iPhone and One 8GB new iPhone

    Both are unlocked, 1.1.4 Firmware. Comes with Box and all accessories that came in the box. I've tested them on Rogers / Fido / UMC / KievStar SIM cards. Any GSM will work. For specs look on the Apple.com site. ---- 4GB Used for a few months, works perfect. No scratches on glass...
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    Solution Sales Specialist

    RESPONSIBILITIES We are looking for an ambitious and enthusiastic individual who wants to capitalize on the rapid advancement of information technology. We expect that the niche market we operate in will see significant growth in the future and need a highly motivated sales solution specialist...
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    Marketing Coordinator $$$

    Role As the Marketing Coordinator you will be responsible for maintaining and managing the company’s database, email campaigns, production of promotional materials, promotional campaigns and sales aids as well as managing tradeshows, marketing research, manage website, direct mail campaigns...
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    Project Manager / Coordinator $$$

    RESPONSIBILITIES The successful candidate will be responsible and accountable to: * Participate in preliminary client meetings and manage ongoing communications * Assume a consolatory role while assisting the client with the implementation, training and role out of the system. Help...
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    Business Analyst $$$

    RESPONSIBILITIES The successful candidate will be responsible and accountable to: * Identify business requirements through consultation with the client or internal sources. * Identify and evaluate alternative solutions to business problems and recommend appropriate strategies * Prepare...
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    Web developer (.NET) 40-60K+

    RESPONSIBILITIES We are looking for a team player with excellent communication skills and expertise in building and delivering enterprise business software. Your outstanding abilities in creating object oriented internet-based software applications have positioned you as a leader in the...
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    System Architect, pays 80-100K + 15% Bonus

    Positions located in downtown Toronto (and other positions around various cities in the States). In this role you will develop expert skills in Consulting, Web Architecture, SOA, SOAP, J2EE. This is a great opportunity for a Java developer to gain experience in design, architecture, and being...
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    Rane Empathy Roatary

    $1000 obo (serious offers only) Contact: thebasementwonder@hotmail.com DON'T PM ME, ITS FOR A FRIEND. Empath features: • Universal internal power supply. When traveling, finding power supply adapters is difficult. The Empath accepts 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz power, for use anywhere...
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    LF: Turntable case(s)

    I'm looking for either 1 or 2 cases for my Tech's. If it matches my Silver Krom Odyssey case then I just want one. Here is what I would like to see but not required: - Have a nice hand grip - Be able to stack one on top of the other and wheel them away - I like rounded corners -...
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    FS: Rane TTM56 & Rane/Serato Scratch Live

    Here is the deal: RANE TTM56 I got a super dope mint TTM56 that has been my baby for the last year or so. It's been kept warm and cosy in a coffin since I got it (minus the last month... as I sold the coffin.. but I still have a towel on top to protect it from dust). The power cord still...
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    LF: Rane TTM57SL

    Anyone buy one and now need some cash? Hit me up! DONE37 AT GMAIL DOT COMMER
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    FS: PSP w/ games + movies + 1Gig stick

    You get: A 1.5v PSP (thats right its the version you can run all your hacks and stuff on). Spider Man 2 Movie Resident Evil: Apocalypse Movie World Tour Soccor Game Grand Theft Auto Game (on mem stick) Various SNES games and cool software (mem stick) Gretzky NHL Game Sampler Disc (no...
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    LF: J2EE Developers and Application Developers

    Camilion Solutions, Inc.: www.camilion.com -------------------------------------------------- Our R&D department has the following open positions to fill as soon as possible: J2EE Developer: The J2EE Software Developer is responsible for the development and testing of Camilion's...
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    FS: M-Audio Trigger Finger

    This is a special trigger finger. It's a shinny black one... so it will match your black laptop. The normal grey one is $230CDN + tax in stores. This one is solid black, and painted the same way cars are done $200 CDN djone37 at gmail dot commmmer
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    FS: Rane Empath Rotary

    This sale is for a friend. Please contact him at (do not PM me): thebasementwonder@hotmail.com http://www.rane.com/empath.html Used for a week or 2 but wants a TTM57SL. So willing to trade or $1400 obo.
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    LF: vince carter raptors jersey size L-XL

    One of my buddies is looking for one for tomorrow. Email him: seshan@hotmail.com DONT PM ME!
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    FS: Tektronix 7603 Oscilloscope

    Tektronix 7603 Oscilloscope The 7603 Oscilloscope Mainframe is versatile, dependable, easy to use and accepts three 7000-Series plug-ins. Plug-ins sold separately. Bandwidth: 100MHz Front-panel Calibrator Output Provides CRT Readout of Parameters Info...
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    FS: Traktor Studio 2.6 $150 obo

    Traktor Studio 2.6 (New price $299US + tax) $150 obo DJONE37 AT GMAIL DOT COM