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    Tribers! I'm going to Haiti on a medical mission, would love your support!

    Hi Tribe! I'm down here in Miami in nursing school. I recently was invited to go on a medical mission to Haiti, and I'm pretty excited! I'll be travelling with a team of volunteer doctors, surgeons, dentists, nurses, medical students and other nursing students. We will be setting up clinics...
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    the most offensive thing that happened to me today

    was when my friend excitedly started telling me about ji-hawg ammo (a play on jihaad). she is a gun enthusiast, and the topic of muslims had come up in class (another slap yourself in the forehead story, but not as good as this one), and at the end of the class she excitedly turned to me and...
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    shipping several boxes from canada to states

    I need to ship several boxes of personal effects to florida. Been looking online and the options seem endless. Anyone have any personal (good) experience with a specific company?
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    MIAMI - messageboards, resources, hits, food, sights etc?

    so i'm relocating to miami, does anyone know of any messageboards for the city, music-geared or otherwise? all i can find is the citydata miami forum... tell me of all the things you saw/did/ate/went to and loved! i'll be in kendall so points for stuff in coral gables/brickell/coconut...
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    mean ttc driver

    i got on the bus this morning, and i only had a 5, so i put it in the thing and told the driver, can you please give 2$ off to the next person who pays with coins? he said, "no ma'am". i said why not? i just paid it for them. he said no i cant do that, and just looked away. i told him he wasnt a...
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    muay thai at the junction? dundas w and watkinson ave

    anyone know if this place is still in business? i used to go there years ago, it was above the mechanic shop and across from the library at dundas st w and watkinson, just north of dupont. i tried googling but couldnt find a number or anything. if anyone knows if its still there, please let me...
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    Get A Massage, Help Haiti!

    Hi tribers, My schools student association is organizing a Haiti Relief Fundraiser, its going on this week and next week, you can get an hour long massage from a 2nd year RMT student, and have 100% of the proceeds go to the Red Cross. Check out the info below, hope some of you can make it...
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    chez damier kai alce at li'ly

    awesome! great sets from both of these guys, great party from beginning to end, great energy in the room, couldnt stop dancing, had a blast!
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    baptist churches in toronto?

    i'm looking for a baptist church, well one specifically on annette around runnymede, i tried googling and googlemaps but nothing came up. anyone live around there and know what i'm talking about? i think its a storefront. failing that, anyone have any reccommendations on a good baptist church...
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    hairdresser for curly hair?

    more misses than hits are forcing me to look elsewhere. i have a mass of difficult curls and need some recommendations. help me tribe women!!
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    FR: Secure Indoor Parking Spot $120/mo Queen Dovercourt

    Fob entry, secure spot. If you want 6+ months i can come down on the price a bit. Pm me if interested. thanks!
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    where is willie knox?

    anyone know where this guy is and how i can get in touch with him? thanks.
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    where to buy a used bicycle?

    I need one now that the weather is good. any good places downtown west? what about that place in kensington is it still open? i need something cheap and not fancy. i dont even need gears!!!
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    anyone got an account? i had one ages ago and they deleted it and wont give it back. i'm on the waiting list but who knows if/when they will let me back in. i'm looking for an invite, can anyone help?? :D
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    bags under my frikkin eyes

    no i dont get enough sleep. other than sleeping more, what can i do? i want to prevent these bags from becoming permanent. a friend suggested some kind of eye cream, do you all use them? any good? he said something called eucerin q10 or something like that??? HELP
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    to sick to make it out... anyone?
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    air purifiers: your experience?

    i moved into a new place on a lower floor of a building and my spot has bad air circulation. i dont like the way it smells and the air is stale. will an air purifier help me? i'm just reading reviews now online but anyone with some experience with them feel free to chime in! i'm looking for...
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    food - how long does it last?

    can canned food go bad? can dried pulses and other dried foods go bad? please help me convince my father to throw out those cans of clam chowder that i suspect have been hanging around since 2005!!!!
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    FREE: Rave and other Cassettes

    I have a bag of audio cassettes. They are FREE to whoever comes and takes them from my house. Please note I'm in West Mississauga. Some of them are good and some are crap. Some are originals and some are copies. You must take them ALL, no picking and choosing! Go home and throw away the ones you...