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    Star Wars : The Force Awakens

    I'm the only person who didn't really enjoy it much? Imagine Disney made a Star Wars movie that relied entirely on nostalgic value. That's what this movie is. Absolutely nothing new. It's basically a remake of a new hope. Villain is just a big lame spoiled brat. Looked and sounded amazing in...
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    Interstellar: the early reviews now look promising...

    Sounds like a typical Christopher Nolan movie. Using dialogue rather than story telling to explain things to the audience. I still wanna see this though.
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    Howard Stern Appreciation Thread

    RIP Eric. We speak your names.
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    Deep Dish

    Isn't that basically what led zeppelin did?
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    Pre-set Tipping Amounts

    termination of employment And that incentive can mean other diners experience bad service. I received poor service at a nice restaurant on the weekend after being placed in a section where a server was tending to a large party. He was obviously focused on the table where he knew he would make...
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    Pre-set Tipping Amounts

    I am opposed to the entire practice of tipping. Why should patrons be left with the burden of determining the wage of servers? Restaurant owners should pay their staff a fair wage and pass the cost along to clients thorugh their menu pricing.
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    It must be addressed - no one went to Floating Points?

    Yes How was this? Really curious. Saw him a few years back in Kensington and was disappointed when it was not enjoyable. Pretty much one of a kind. Maybe Erdbeerschnitzel could be comparable but hes not TO.
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    Best Spam E-Mail Ever?

    very surprising indeed
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    SLOW HOUSE..? (err Swishahouse?)

    Check out a label called Workshop its great for house at that tempo
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    Howard Stern Appreciation Thread

    Get well We speak your names
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    Howard Stern Appreciation Thread

    Thats terrible news. I guess he was a lot worse off than anyone could have imagined. Hopefully hes gonna be ok. Whether or not he was fired from the show hasnt been announced but perhaps he was and this was some kind of reaction to that? I would like to get a comment from mofo on this.
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    Basic Soul Unit & James Duncan at the Ossington on Boxing Day

    Here are a couple of Toronto artists that i was excited to see playing together. I got to the venue in time to see the pair of them on the decks going back to back for about an hour and i gotta say, the music was amazing. Nothing but deep, raw, soulful, authentic sounding tasteful house...
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    Howard Stern Appreciation Thread

    wow scotts lookin at lot less like celine dions husband good for him although now he kinda looks like a frail old man
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    Sean Crawford - No Need for a Gnome (House/tech)

    Id say so Bangin I enjoyed it and thank you for including some vocals that werent ethnic chants
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    plus Cassy on sunday. ill be doing all three and this milkrun
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    Behold! The regimental goat

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    Howard Stern Appreciation Thread

    i thought about this and i just dont believe that gary would do something this monumental for the good of the show or even a large sum of money.
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    Howard Stern Appreciation Thread

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pU2wXn0Sw6Q heres a working link theyre taking them all down pretty quickly
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    Booze Recommendations

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    Howard Stern Appreciation Thread

    oh i didnt mean to spoil it its such exciting news though and screwing it up is so perfectly characteristic of gary this will go down as the most embarassing moment in a life full of public humiliation. even worse than the apology tape for those who arent familiar with the apology tape...