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    Basic Soul Unit & James Duncan at the Ossington on Boxing Day

    Here are a couple of Toronto artists that i was excited to see playing together. I got to the venue in time to see the pair of them on the decks going back to back for about an hour and i gotta say, the music was amazing. Nothing but deep, raw, soulful, authentic sounding tasteful house...
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    Aaron Santos *live in the washroom bar at circa* various kinds of house

    i recorded this mix live on the seventh of February from my saturday night residency in the washroom bar at Circa where i open for the rotating residents from No.19 Music; Kenny Glasgow, Jonny White, Nitin, and Teeloo's Kitchen. I used Records and CDs. The set starts around 100bpm and gets...
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    someone host a mix for me?

    i was hoping i might find someone on tribe willing donate some online space to upload a mix for me. anybody?
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    native instruments & PT8 noncompatible?

    Ive been using the NI plug ins from Komplete 5 with pro tools 7.3 and everything has worked fine. Im ready to upgrade to PT8 but found that digi lists most of the NI plug ins as noncompatible. I find this surprising. Pro tools 8 looks cool but im completely limited to NI plug ins right now...
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    Aaron Santos 'Mosaic' *deep, raw, stripped down techhouse*

    New mix of 12" here. Lots of deep tech house. Some phat basslines. Some rhythmic drums. Some stunning vocals. 80min. save as 1. NuFrequency & Shara Nelson 'go that deep' charles webster remix [rebirth] 2. The Mole 'acadian' [wagon repair] 3. Gabrielle Cilmi 'sweet about me'...
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    these limited one sided modern love twelves

    anybody else totally digging these? ive missed all of them. i keep thinking; oh, ill get it later. but damn they go fast heres the most recent. Claro Intelecto 'rise' and these two, i really wish i had gotten my hands on. MLZ 'crossed swords' Andy Stott 'hostile' this...
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    usb album releases

    i believe matchbox twenty was the first act to release an album on usb. it looks like some kind of futuristic usb bracelet. this is it here. but i saw this one on juno today i think its a cool innovation. but im wondering, is it time for us to debate cd vs usb?
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    2007, year end wrap up

    im always interested in sharing my thoughts on the year. and hearing the opinions others have to offer. in terms of producer of the year, i cant say anyone clearly stands out for me this year. but, gui boratto, tigerstripes, rune & sydenham, sascha funke, funk dvoid/francois dubois and...
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    this tuesday. kind of a shitty night but im gonna check it out. anybody know what time hell go on at? or anything about the place? loki
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    Damian Lazarus

    at the social tomorrow night. am i the only one checking this party? that shits free you know.
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    drawing on painted walls?

    my room needs a change. im thinkin about doing some drawings on my walls. i thought maybe someone around here has done this. for materials, im thinking sharpie. do they work alright on a painted wall? also i will want to draw before i fuck up my walls with the sharpie. is there...
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    Miami Schmiami, part the second

    been a fan of coleridge for a while now and i always dig sean crawford's mixes so i wanted to check this out. this city has a lot of great locals but i kinda feel like a lot of them offer the same thing while these guys are great and pretty different. i got there around 1, probably just as...
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    rock bottom

    anybody ever hit it?
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    cdj800 question

    does anybody know if these will play m4p format?
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    The Field

    im just curious about what people think of his stuff. personally, i love it. the prolonged, two-note basslines, the neverending repetition. sounds exactly like what i always thought agoria might eventually be producing.
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    graffiti permitted walls downtown

    i know that there are some of these in the city. does anybody know where they are? not gonna paint over anything, just need to know. specifically, im more interested in knowing where the less visible, more hidden ones are
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    www.tribe.ca is worth an estimated $2,003,930.00

    thats almost as much as www.boobs.com, and way more than www.business.com wow, alexd, you must be mega rich http://www.leapfish.com kinda fun
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    does anybody know someone that is one? or even any firms that have coolhunters?
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    Aaron Santos 'Stripped' deep, stripped down, full of soul tech house

    Hey everybody, heres a new mix ive done. varieties of deep, techy house. most all upbeat, though some more chill. enjoy. feedback is appreciated. ~78min 1. James Brown - fight against drug abuse psa [polydor] 2. King Kooba - kin ki utsuri [freerange] 3. Andy Cato - la luna [azuli] 4...
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    Booka Shade

    mod im already really excited for this. ive been watching booka videos for the last week and already booked the time off.