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    Moving sale pt 2!

    We're saying goodbye to our ikea furniture before we take off. GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT! Billy bookcases x2 - color: black-brown. each come with a lamp mounted on top $45 each, or $60 for the pair! ISN'T THAT AN AMAZING DEAL? KLUBBO set of 3 nesting tables $40 for the set...
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    for instant access, click yes! (help me)

    I just started getting error pop-ups, followed by annother pop-up that says "for your instant access please click yes." Virus scan is detecting "Dialer-269" and "Dialer-258" as potentially unwanted programs. There are about 30 or so detected with each scan, but I cannot delete two of them...
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    happy birthday JayIsCute

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAY hope your birthday is the stinkiest one yet, and that it you are thiiiiiiiiis excited ALL DAY: :)
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    my dear little hard drive

    hello geek forum not too long ago my hard drive crashed on me, and I did not have anything backed up (BUT I'VE LEARNED MY LESSON SO SHUT UP). There are a few things I really need off there, so I am going to try sticking it in my computer with my new hard drive, and try to extract files off...
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    poor little Homo floresiensis

    Fresh scandal over old bones By Dan Vergano, USA TODAY Inside Liang Bua cave on the Indonesian island of Flores, the bones of the hobbit rested undisturbed for 18,000 years. But no longer. In what is being called a true case of scientific skullduggery, the remains of the newly...
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    this is a highly important thread that probably deserves it's own forum

    WHICH IS COOLER the Brachiosaurus or the blue whale? personally I think whales are just ugly tubs of lard who are so gross and fat they can't even live on land, which is pretty lame if you think about it The brachiosaurus is like that big quiet guy who just hangs out eating...
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    Holy Mother Of God

    I just lost my 10 pages (EVERYTHING) of my 15 pages term paper DUE BY 11AM TOMORROW MS word is telling me that it cannot open the file and to use "Open and Repair" but this option is not present in the menu where the help otion tells me it's going to be. WHAT THE HELL DO I DO?? I feel...
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    Yay China!

    new feathered dinosaur!
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    I just discovered something veeeeeeeeery interesting

    WE BOTH HAVE TINY SKULLS!!!! I am obviously a brachiosaurus.
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    there is an animal on my roof making dying noises

    it's very distracting
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    "It's one of the biggest crap deposits known"

    The poop on ancient humans hehehehe
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    neanderthals had nothing but big stupid foreheads and large butts

    I think this needs a serious discussion
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    4 more in '04

    A friend of mine posted this on annother board and asked me to share. It's a worthy cause! I know I'll be signing the petition! He's also advocating that we use 'peace out' instead of 'rest in peace' 4 more in '04! peace out, Ray Gun
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    hey everybody, let's be nice to eachother

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    teach me how to be less nerdy

    I think I need a new shtick.
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    happy trails

    sing happy trails to whomever you want me first: happy trails to the muad'tard, and happy trails to winter
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    It's time we had a talk about skorts

    It's that time of year!
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    this is the coolest thing ever kthnx
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    Sensory Deprivation Event

    I am posting an event.