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    Call for Artists

    Amazing Restaurant / Bar @ Yonge and Bloor taking artist submissions for monthly group and solo shows. All mediums accepted. Great opportunity for new up and coming artists to get their work seen. Wonderful chance for established artists to showcase their talent. Even if your canvas is 8'...
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    Roomate Needed February 1, 2006

    Share Large 2 bdrm apt on main floor of house @ King & Dufferin with 1 female w/ outgoing artistic personality. Hardwood throughout High Ceilings Large living & dining area Ø Fully furnished, but can take more goodies Ø Fire place (not working, but adds to the warmth...
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    Big bad ben Murko@Elevate

    This Wed Ben Murko is dropping an extended set for the boys at Up Lounge. I will be there for sure.
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    Luke Fair @ UP Lounge May 21!!!

    Right on, I can't frigin wait!!! Luke ripped it up last time he was there!!! This ritual Wed. is addictive! V
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    Lady Linzee @Up

    Word is this Girl is going to tear it up this wed. Who,s in? I know im there for sure. Peace JJ
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    Evil P at UP... April 23!

    Lee and Mike it is Evil P isn't it? Hope to see all the regular faces and hopefully some new ones this Wed!!!! V
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    House Hunting Help.

    Spaz girl and myself have to move October 1. The landlord has decided to sell and we have no choice but to get out. We have been looking and had some luck, but others ....well they've been just plain scary. SO I'm posting in hopes that someone on the board knows of some places available or...
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    International Womens Day....listen up boyz.

    I must say I enjoy this day... All you men out there ...remember your P's PAMPER, PLEASE AND PLEASURE your women. V:D