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  1. J

    FS: PC bits - uw scsi raid, gtxp, slim cdrom, 3Dfx V2, 5.25" parallel enclosure.

    UW SCSI RAID setup - $20 - Mylex DAC960LB w/ 4mb ram - (3) 2.1g seagate scsi drives + cable + terminator Play with SCSI RAID, Cheap!! Hercules GTXP (Game Theatre) - $30 Hercules Game Theater XP (original) includes PCI card, Cable & Port Box Teac 24x SLIM CDrom - $40 - TRUE IDE connector -...
  2. J

    DJ heather

    here's the flyer..
  3. J

    JaXxhouse w Nathan Barato, DJ:TK, J-Prez and Sydney Blu

    Nathan _destroyed_ the gallery. His shirt may have said "Cease Fire" but he had the heavy artillery out for this one! I didn't go for a smoke once during his set- it was that good. TK was quite impressive too. Congrats to Tully on an excellent first jam to be associated with. Thanks for the...
  4. J

    house music @ work

    jay definitely has his priorities straight.. :) you must be blind.
  5. J

    house music @ work

    yea, i used to live in North York, worked @ STC for a while. will probably hit it up as that whole weekend is all about eating with the hot & spicy food festival @ harbourfront.. Jgar is the HA i was talking about. Dude who frequents Sonic is someone else.. can never remember his name...
  6. J

    house music @ work

    nice. just went to say Hi & he invited me to a BBQ :) you going? ps. he doesn't recognize your Tribe nick.. I know a Houseaddict & a dude who I always see @ Sonic who work in this building.. do either of you smoke? need a smoking buddy..
  7. J

    house music @ work

    my bosses company often does Remedy consulting contracts for Rogers. doing a 2 week analysis of Rogers customer management Remedy systems. i don't doubt it.. hell every freakin employee, like EVERY ONE has a BB..
  8. J

    house music @ work

    yea, usually i'm stuck with headphones.. walked into Rogers today @ 1 mount pleasant & they have a dj spinning house & a bunch of little tennis competitions to promo the tennis event that Rogers is sponsoring.. :eek: cool ps. apparently it was better during World Cup.. HD TVs everywhere..
  9. J

    i love Mark Oliver and i don't care who knows it - at Béba

    wow mona, you getting old? your memory must be going. :p it was jaxx house + turboa 18th/19th of november for my bday when i shaved & that didn't stop us from chatting... it was systems where i failed to come say hi when i thought i saw you & you ripped me a new one afterwards.. IIRC it...
  10. J

    David Morales at Sonic on Pride

  11. J

    i love Mark Oliver and i don't care who knows it - at Béba

    shitshow weeknight #2 fuck. druuuuuuunk fuck. maria nice meeting you mona, c'mon - do you think I am ever going to "not recognize" you after last time.. :p :p
  12. J

    LF: someone to do my web updates

    The problem is adding content manually is time-expensive.. That price range would not pay for a full hour of time from someone who knows what they're doing. In an hour they will get one or two small updates done. Like a dozen photos added or something. I really hope you didn't spend too...
  13. J

    Domo Arigatou Mr. Barato and Mr. Lawler

    most definitely was open Jon.. i booked it for Sonic around 3.. Alain Vinet :D
  14. J

    Dj Vibe

    guessing.. Nevio - 11:00-2:00 Vibe - 2:00-8:00 Nevio - 8:00-10:00
  15. J

    review: teDD paTTerson @ Sonic

    pretty sure the 3rd is "friend" - that's what ours said saturday.
  16. J

    review: teDD paTTerson @ Sonic

    haha, i actually spent the better part of 4 hours dancing at my buddies place for the after-jam.. worst was after danny torrence - first weekend back from being sick.. i think i've gotten the training back after several weekends of 8+ hours on sonics dancefloor.. :D ROFL after seeing your...
  17. J

    review: teDD paTTerson @ Sonic

    multiple failings.. ;) :p check HA
  18. J

    review: teDD paTTerson @ Sonic

    Sonic is my favourite club. Guaranteed good time. The system ROCKS. It doesn't really matter where you decide to dance. (I like in front of speakers or the middle ;)) Last hour = last hour of Patterson? or? When Patterson finished Carey came down the steps and asked "You guys want...
  19. J

    review: teDD paTTerson @ Sonic

    anyone? bueller? bueller? deevah? you did start the roll call. still recovering? ;)