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  1. J

    LF: 4 month sublet in downtown(sept-Dec)

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a 4 month sublet (Sept - Dec) in the downtown area. I wouldn't mind room mates as long as they're cool. Please send me any leads. Cheers, Omar
  2. J

    Top 50 Clubs In The World 2006

    http://www.djmag.com/newsfeat305.php 12 Name: Guvernment Location: Toronto, Canada Capacity: 5500 Website: www.theguvernment.com Pretty damn good for the guv. Some of these rankings blew my mind though.
  3. J

    Top 50 Clubs In The World 2006

    http://www.djmag.com/newsfeat305.php 12 Name: Guvernment Location: Toronto, Canada Capacity: 5500 Website: www.theguvernment.com Not too shabby....
  4. J

    This is some crazy shit! Check this out.

    Check this out. Elaborate scheme or funniest shit ever? http://cgi.ebay.com/Closed-Garage-Mystery-Auction_W0QQitemZ9502805718QQcategoryZ102534QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  5. J

    Ok, so I'm lsning to In Search of Sunrise 5...

    So I managed to get a copy of Tiesto's ISOS 5 yesterday. I've only had the chance to lsn to CD 1. But I can definitely say - so far so good. It's definitely more housey with a touch of trance and I can appreciate the change. Every single track is vocal which was a tad annoying at some points...
  6. J

    LF: Coldplay tickets (I know it's last minute)

    I know it's last minute. But is anyone still looking to sell their coldplay tickets? I need more than one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers,
  7. J

    Markus Schulz @ GUV 19/02/2006

    Wow....amazing.... What else can i say? Markus dropped an amazing set, there's no doubt about that. There was actually a decent amount of space and so I didn't have any problems with getting pushed around etc etc. We did arrive quite late (4 30 am) though, but i'd like to think that the...
  8. J

    track ID help

    Hey all, I need some help with identifying this track. It's a really happy tune with a female vocal (electric guitar in the background?). I don't remember much from what she says, but this is what I could gather. I'm sure i butchered it. I've heard it at the GUV a few times. It's...
  9. J


    Trancetraffic.com? So i've been trying to get a membership with trancetraffic fror quite some time now. But apparently, doing so is harder than winning the bloody lottery. Can anyone help out with this? Or at least point me to another good website. I've heard that trancetraffic is the...
  10. J

    LF: furnished sublet Jan-Apr (4month)

    Hey guys, i'm looking for a 4 month sublet, preferably in the downtown area. A studio or a 1 bedroom would be best. Furnished I'm a very clean young professional who will be working in the financial sector. Please send email offers to oelassar at gmail Cheers, Omar
  11. J

    Trying to find Speed of Sound remixed by Deep Dish

    hey guys, anyone know where i can download the Deep Dish remix of the speed of sound. Cheers
  12. J

    Anyone ever been to Varadero, Cuba?

    hey guys, i'm probably heading there beginning of Sept. It's Tornado season so apparently all the deals are cheap. So anyone ever been? Good? Bad? experiences? things to do!? Tell me anything!
  13. J

    Greatest A Cappella's/Vocal?

    hey guys, i'm looking to download any songs with those really great vocals. Favourites of mine are Rapture and Andain - Beautiful things..... What else do you guys suggest? Thanks
  14. J

    What's the name of this song!??

    hey, anyone know what this song is called? It has this one verse that goes something like "let's take a holiday, you know i'd love you better" thanks in advance