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    The Return of Lazydaze!!!

    I'll be there will bells on.
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    Call for Artists

    Amazing Restaurant / Bar @ Yonge and Bloor taking artist submissions for monthly group and solo shows. All mediums accepted. Great opportunity for new up and coming artists to get their work seen. Wonderful chance for established artists to showcase their talent. Even if your canvas is 8'...
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    FS: MORE ladies clothes!

    HEY HEY HEY All over this, I'll send you money now for the elephants and the white TFSoul Tube top. PRONTO... he he. Janine
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    Spring/Summer Fashion Thread

    Ok overall. MOO MOO's ....? the name says it all. As long as it doesn't look like someone sewed together some crap curtains from the 70s you can pull it off otherwise you look like you escaped from a Hick Town Mental Hospital. hm. Comfy but some are just eeeeeeeeeeeeew. sorry girls. JJ
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    LF: Roommate ~ King & Dufferin ~ April 1 ~ $600/mth

    It may be ready for May 1st. She gave notice for the 15th of Feb. hm... it's only one month!!!!
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    LF: Roommate ~ King & Dufferin ~ April 1 ~ $600/mth

    yes this is me It's my place, roomate gave notice about 10 days ago. Let me know if you have questions. V
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    i'd like to book a rooftop patio. recomendations?

    Apothecary actually has to shut down roof top Music by 12-12:30 on weekend evenings, at least they did last week! V
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    hot Hot HOT men...unff!

    Where was this shot taken?
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    hot Hot HOT men...unff!

    I get strange obsessions with Certain Celebs. First is was Caruso when he was NYPD Blue, I'd race home from work just to catch this red headed freckle man and would have dreams about him, what a freek am I ... he's not even hot, only his character was ok. THEN Ryan Reynolds - UH ya I became...
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    Industry Reunion at SONIC

    Yep Civic... Oh my I thought I was seriously loosing it... I'm not right? HA. V
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    Industry Reunion at SONIC

    http://www.sonicnightclub.com/ check out the events listed at the side.... it says the 6th.... hmmmmmmmmm V
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    Industry Reunion at SONIC

    OH goodness... let me check.... that was this morning when I looked it up after only one coffee.....hang on.....
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    Industry Reunion at SONIC

    August 6th at Sonic, CD Release. I have been waiting V
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    Skating With Promise!!!!!!!

    yep we're both attending plus others. You are welcome to come to the house for pre drinks if you like. I think there should be an entourage coming for bevy's. ps. get your email re: upcoming events.. as in next weekend V
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    Skating With Promise!!!!!!!

    http://www.harbourfrontcentre.com/noflash/outdoor/DJ_Skating.php V
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    LF: Flip Flops

    Delphic? or Heel Boy? JJ
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    LF: Painting by a local artist

    Hey Ian, I can forward some images tonight once I am home. The larger pc's are harder to see the texture used. I have sent you an email from my office but also copied you on another email available for reply. Keep in touch, V
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    Roomate Needed February 1, 2006

    I have put this off for too long, the house is still available, after some potential visitors..... I know it's Christmas, but if anyone is still interested... I'll try to have an open house next week, 28th or 29th. AND the new year... On with the search. Vixen
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    Chilled Calico Free To A Good Home

    Good luck, I'm sure in time they will be livin happily ever after. V
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    Chilled Calico Free To A Good Home

    A little late but did you find a home yet? V