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    tv shows online?

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    F'D up Japanese TV show thread....

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    Any travel agents on the board?

    I'm looking as well. Need to book a flight London (ON)- Singapore-Darwin-London (ON) for August.
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    raggabreak heads

    right...that's why it's only a clue. I work in mysterious ways my friend.
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    raggabreak heads

    here's a clue: http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/showthread.php?t=90308&highlight=ragga
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    Tribe Help: what do you think is going on?

    not entirely true. Definetly call your credit card company to dispute services that were not provided. You can't rely on the fact that no draft was signed in all circumstances. In the pizza non-delivery case, then yes you'll probably win the dispute because no draft was signed. The exceptions...
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    Cool Aerial photography...

    you can get wallpaper from Yann Arthus-Bertrand's website. There's a special section for them. You can find it on the main page, after you've clicked "welcome".
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    Cool Aerial photography...

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    My bum hurts???

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    What To Do With A Dead Dog?

    Do you ever wonder what they do with dead babies? Seriously. Think about it. Have you ever seen RNs lulling a bed in the corridors of the hospital with a child-like corpse shape under the blanket? No you haven't. Next time the Nurse gets off the elevator on the morgue floor, carrying a...
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    My bum hurts???

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    What is goin' down Easter Weekend in MTL

    if you summarize your trip with only "whew!", then it was done proper.
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    too good to be true ?

    you were in the States? the story your friends made up is better.
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    too good to be true ?

    I refuse to believe that this actually happened. When you're at a bar, and a girl you never noticed before walks up to you to get to know you, do you say "hold on one moment, I have to ask my friends if this ever happens to them"?
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    The Impossible Pickup

    Seriously. girl advice here. just be simple and direct. As funny as the cheese is in here, sounding too recited can be a bad thing. Be prepared to search for a new optometrist.
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    really dumb question

    I had one of those once. It was red but the handle broke off.
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    ideas for fund raisers

    I'm trying to find cool ideas for fund raising, besides the usual boring bake sales, 50/50 draws, golf tournaments etc . I'm looking for any input whether it's an event you've attended, organized, or would like to see. It is work related, so unfortunately no topless car washes. I was thinking...
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    All I want is....

    It HAS been released on DVD...just not in Canada.
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    Montreal Advice Req'd

    what type of clubs have you already checked out & enjoyed? I'll make recommendations based on your style. As for restaurants...I moved away 4 years ago so I'm really not up to date on that, since I always go back to my favorite spots.