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    Looking For - Sony Mdrv700 Headphones...

    Anyone know where I can get a pair at a decent price?? mike_appugliese@hotmail.com
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    Selling NUMARK DM 2002X Pro Master Mix

    selling Numark DM2002x mixer for 100$ Chrome Edition. Mint condition. Get back to me at mike_appugliese@hotmail.com
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    Technic CD turntables for sale!

    I got 2 Technic SLDZ1200's technic direct drive cd turntables.....looking for best offer right now.... I barely used them at all.....get back at me on my msn mike_appugliese@hotmail.com
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    Jungle Records For Sale!!

    EVEN IF U ONLY WANT 1 RECORD OFF THE E.P. I WILL SELL IT TO U!! e mail mike_appugliese@hotmail.com that is also my msn or call me at 416 827 8399 Mampi Swift Mainframe E.p Freshkutt Records a.One -Two (world cup 98 mix) aa.so damn tuff (cant pay the bills mix) Ram Trilogy Titan...
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    Technic 1200 4 Sale!!!!!

    Ok its a Black Technic 1200 in mint mint condition (if you dont beleive me you can come look at it, or ask the guy who i sold the other one to) it comes with the cartridge. Im asking 450$$ get back to me at msn mike_appugliese@hotmail.com or call me at 416 827 8399
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    1 Technic 1200 For Sale!!!!

    Asking 500$$ Black Tech 1200 MK2....comes with cartridge......mint condition no lie THIS IS MY E MAIL and MSN mike_appugliese@hotmail.com THIS IS MY E MAIL and MSN mike_appugliese@hotmail.com
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    PIONEER CDJM 1000 MK2 ??Why no mp3 playback??

    Im gonna buy some form of cd turntables. The pioneer ones are the ones that i realy like. It seems that the CDJM 1000 MK2 do not play mp3 and the numark cdx as well as the technic ones do play mp3. Is there another model that pioneer makes that has mp3 playback?????
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    Oldschool Jungle Records For Sale!!

    here u go ppl...put me on msn or e mail me its the same mike_appugliese@hotmail.com or cal me at 416 827 8399 EVEN IF U ONLY WANT 1 RECORD OFF THE E.P. I WILL SELL IT TO U!! Mampi Swift Mainframe E.p Freshkutt Records a.One -Two (world cup 98 mix) aa.so damn tuff (cant pay the bills mix)...
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    Technic 1200's For Sale

    I got 2 technic 1200's with needles and cartridges. I am selling them for 1100$ or best offer. put me on msn at mike_appugliese@hotmail.com or u can reach me at 416 906 4614
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    CHEAP Rocawear track suits 4 sale (kinda hot)

    Just like the title says. I got brand new roca wear track suits and im selling them for about 150. They come in different colours and sizes. They are very nice and they are real. If you are interested in buying one you can contact me at mike_appugliese@yahoo.com or you can reach me at 905...
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    2 Technic 1220 MK3-Pinoeer DJM 600 mixer 4 Sale!

    I got 2 technic 1220 MK3 tables in metal cases these tables are a bit better then normal 1200's im selling them in nice metal cases for 1200$ o.b.o I also have a pioneer DJM 600 mixer....that is probably almost the best mixer u can buy....im looking for about 1600$ o.b.o for the mixer..... any...
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    2 Techinique 1200 For Only 1250!!

    I GOT 2 TECHINQUE 1200 HARDLY USED......SELLING THEM WITH STANTON NEEDLES FOR ONLY 1250.....IF INTERESTED E MAIL ME AT oryyo2000@hotmail.com or leave me a msg with a way of getting a hold of u!!! thanks mike
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    Jungle Records 4 Sale!! Old Skewl Hits!!trust It

    This is a list of records that i am selling on a first come first serve basis. IF U ARE INTERESTED IN ANY OF THESE TUNES GIVE ME A CALL AT 416 501 7771 leave me a voice message with a number for me to call u back at!! E MAIL- oryyo2000@yahoo.com e mail me if u dont wanna call me and i...