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    ideas for fund raisers

    I'm trying to find cool ideas for fund raising, besides the usual boring bake sales, 50/50 draws, golf tournaments etc . I'm looking for any input whether it's an event you've attended, organized, or would like to see. It is work related, so unfortunately no topless car washes. I was thinking...
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    Best overseas calling cards/rates

    I've been experimenting with various calling cards & companies who offer cheap rates by dialing there number first. I haven't been able to make one successful connection to date! I know the area I'm calling is included in each companies' zone, and each company allows these rates when calling...
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    attn: vibrator recall

    Check it out just brilliant.
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    NEW Ipod shuffle 512 MB

    My employer was nice enough to distribute Ipod shuffles to all employees as a token of their appreciation (or to get rid of excess orders from the give-away promo...but whatever! ) I alread have an mp3 player, so I'm looking to sell this one. It's never been used, nor taken out of its packaging...
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    hall deco suggestion

    I'm looking for some input on winter/holiday ideas (don't worry I won't say the "C" word, it's too early!) I'll be involved in decorating a rented hall for an annual event. whachu got!
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    FS: Roland MC 909

    Used Roland MC-909 samplinggroovebox the MC-909 is sold as is and works fine. The MC 909 features cutting edge sampling, built in mastering to record digitaly direct to any source or a Roland Disc Lab recorders. Also has high performance synthesizer generator with the latest dance patterns to...
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    Long distance movers

    Can anyone recommend a truck rental company or moving company besides U-haul? Pick-up London, destination Montreal. I will do ANYTHING to avoid dealing with U-haul. I may also require a driver and helping hands, so any info would be appricated.