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    Define Purist Techno

    How do you define 'purist' techno, or anything for that matter? What infuences would make techno impure? Are there any purists on this board?
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    Oxygen Bars- What's up?

    I've been hearing a lot of buzz about oxygen bars lately, are they the next big thing or what? Apparently a lot of clubs in the U.S. have oxygen bars set up now. The oxygen pheonomenon is really popular in cities like L.A. and Las Vegas, not only with clubbers, but people at conventions...
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    Let's Rebuild This Forum!

    We need to get posting! I don't like seeing the prog room this empty. There is still a progressive house scene in Toronto that exists outside BREATHE/System/Wired for Sound, and this forum can help stimulate it. There is lots to talk about- let's get to work. perdue
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    What's up? I recently asked about his sound in the progressive forum, but apparently to my delight he has much more of a techno edge lately. I have also seen him posting around here too. Have any of you heard him play? What do you think? I was going to check him out at Tonic, where he is...
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    OK, I'll admit it - it is contagious.

    Greetings. You will all be pleased to hear that your beloved techno has claimed yet another innocent victim. It all started sometime mid 2001, with a borrowed copy of Tiga's 'Mixed Emotions' and a joint. From there it was on to Misstress Barbara's cd, then Tiga at Life. I hit several of the...