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    ..::countdown To Australia::..

    this could probably go under the "nobody cares" thread, buuut i decided to put it here. In 32 days I will be downunder WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!:D
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    Jungle Warfare

    Aiight, im looking for this CD...HMV has discontinued it, triple decks doesnt have it... no one does.... is there anyone out there who would be so kind as to lend/burn/send me a copy of this thing??? Jungle Warfare Mickey Finn+ Darren J hit me up at jungalist21@hotmail.com
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    *~*~*~Where can i get...*~*~*~

    a cheap neon sign for my living room? or any other signs like that big light up smirnoff ice sign at Jack astors.........
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    ~~moving on up and out, condo questions~~

    any advice from ppl who have bought or ppl who know ppl who live in a condo right now. like stuff that they screw you with later standard condo maintenance fees taxes ..... bla bla bla so anything you can offer is much needed and appreciated TuRtL[- :D
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    What The !$#*

    what the hell is wrong with this fucking board!!!??? 22 people look at the thread and cant even bother to take the time to say happy fucking birthday to someone they dont know? is it really that hard? pull your necks out of each others asses and show another human being some common fucking...
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    Happy 23rd Sean! I can begin to tell you how much you mean to me, but I think you know that. Hope you have a wikkid day, just for me though, can we keep it Oasis-free? :P
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    Survey: FACT OR FICTION?

    "I dont want to go out with you because I don't want to ruin our friendship" Fact? or Fiction?
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    ~montreal This Weekend~~

    anyone? whats goin on, wheres a good place to party..
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    *my plague*

    I feel the need to write about this because it has been such a big part of my life for so long. I've never really thought about what my life would be like with out it because that is something I've never know. Cancer. When I was 7 my mom had a lumpectomy on her left breast, it was a...
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    Liquid Adrenaline

    just had to be the first......will post more later.......