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    progressive tracks for sale...

    ... in the buy & sell forum. Mythic
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    records for sale

    UPDATE Hey all.. I'm now selling the tracks seperately. $7 a record. Email me at jason.maxwell@sympatico.ca if your want some. Peace
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    tables/mixer for sale

    Malglo - The tables aren't too bad for slowing down. The numark slows down abit faster then the Next table. I can't really compare them to a 1200 because I have never used one :(. If anybody out there can compare it, I'd appreciate it.. I have used the gemini's though, and they are...
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    records for sale

    Here are the old records im selling.. 1 Jomanda - Got a love for you 2 Tear Da Club Up Thugs - Hypnotize/Cash Money 3 Tash - Bermuda Triangle 4 Die Hard Records - 1-shine your light 2 - dont stop it 3 - i need you 4 - jack the groove 5 Tech Nine - Slam Jam 6 Unknown - Unknown 7...