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    Help TRIP! Celebrate our 15th Anniversary

    The TRIP! Project was born in 1995 out of a need for appropriate drug and sex information within the Toronto rave scene. The act of partying often meant using drugs, and for some, being promiscuous. These activities, on their own as well as together, had the potential to put people at risk for...
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    Calling all Volunteers!

    Know a lot about safer partying? Want to learn? Want to educate others and volunteer at parties? Get involved with TRIP! The TRIP! volunteer training involves a 4 week course (spread across 4 Saturdays, 12-6pm and Wednesdays 6-9pm) and features workshops on various topics related to harm...
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    Ketamine: Kommunity Discussion

    Curious what came of that Ketamine Survey TRIP! conducted last year? We're geared up present to you a snapshot of how we, as a community, are identifying with Ketamine. This community discussion will include an overview of the survey results, plus information like how Ketamine works in the...
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    Focus Group - Guide to Safer Threesomes

    Three times the pleasure? Three times the fun? TRIP is working on a ‘Guide to Safer Threesomes’, in efforts to minimize the transmission of sexually transmitted infections when fucking around. TRIP is looking for partyers to provide input and feedback in this current stage of literature...
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    Crystal Meth Harm Reduction Workshops

    Perhaps of interest to some people (or to start some discussion on all the *talk* of crystal around the city...) Erin, TRIP! www.tripproject.ca The Youth & HIV Network Presents Crystal Clear: Meth 101 Thursday, November 10th Noon to 1:30pm AIDS Committee of Toronto...
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    Couchsurfing International

    If you havent seen this already... just had a friend do this from Canada to London...said it was a reallly great experience: http://couchsurfing.com/index.html
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    Any vjs lurking out here?
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    TRIP seeks new volunteers

    .::safer drug use, safer sex, safer partying::. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Like Drugs? Sex? Parties? Then you are just what we are looking for! Get involved with the TRIP! Project, and do something good for your community! You will be trained in harm reduction, HIV prevention...
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    new harm reduction website

    www.tripproject.ca safer drug use, safer sex, safer partying
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    [TRIP] Volunteer Training Sessions, September 2002

    TRIP is looking for dedicated party people interested in expressing their creative edge through activism and education within the dance music community. This involves working the TRIP booth at events, doing workshops around the city, pamphlet layout and graphic design, research and pamphlet...
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    [TRIP] HIRING: Workshop Co-ordinator: One Day Left!!

    Toronto Raver Info Project (TRIP) 10 Month Workshop Co-ordinator Contract Position; September 1st, 2002 to June 30, 2003 12 hours per week; $18.50/hr Position Description The Toronto Raver Info Project (TRIP), a project of Central Toronto Community Health Centres (CTCHC), provides...
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    [TRIP] Hiring: Outreach Workers: One Day Left!!

    Toronto Raver Info Project (TRIP) 3 Outreach Worker Positions; 10 Month Contracts September 1st, 2002 to June 30, 2003 Average 24 hrs/month; $15/hr Position Description The Toronto Raver Info Project (TRIP), a project of Central Toronto Community Health Centres (CTCHC), provides...