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    Bacon salt

    Bacon salt The name says it all.
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    Make It Funky - Guelph edition

    Looking forward to putting the F-U in funk. Guelph definitely needs more events like this.
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    Help Support the Tree Octopi

    Wow...who knew such a rare and unique species existed on the West Coast. Check it out...the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus I wonder if it knows the house hippo.
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    More by Mark Osborne

    Saw this short a few years ago and just stumbled on it again. Thought I would pass it along... More by Mark Osborne
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    Van Gogh's

    Just wondering if VG's still has a breaks nite on saturdays? I haven't seen any posters or flyers around Guelph except for the one for February. :confused:
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    Save water...

    bath with a friend. Taken from ENN Manila residents go two to a tub to save water Friday, January 09, 2004 By Reuters MANILA — Couples in the Philippine capital could find themselves in hot water after being asked to start sharing the tub at bath time as part of a conservation...
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    Samurai Jack - The Rave Episode

    I was checking out Samurai Jack at the folk's place over Christmas and caught episode 28. The premise of the episode was that the evil Aku had a dj that was playing evil beats and hypnotizing all these party kids, and they were all candy ravers. Even Samurai Jack got into, wearing phat pants...
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    toothbrush etiquette

    so...the last little while i have been pondering a few things regarding toothbrushes. do you use other people's toothbrushes? do you let other people use yours? if you had a spare toothbrush (not used) would you give it up? do you have a 'spare' toothbrush for all guests to use, only...
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    anyone else a klutz?

    so far in the last few hours i have... --> whacked my head on my closet door --> almost fell off the treadmill at the gym --> slipped on a piece of snow/ice and... just a minute ago i fell down my stairs into the living room. i removed a sufficient piece of skin off my elbow, my...
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    Online Old School NES

    not sure if this has been posted or not...i know there was a thread on online games a while back but i am too damn lazy to find it and read it... link to old school NES games online...so much fun. NES
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    For the Fashion Elite...

    for those that have been sporting the foam front/mesh back cap, here is a little twist on it....make your own...and you can be proud to say that you have recycled as well! A spade is a spade
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    ah...i miss NS

    just found this article in a paper from back home... Inverness coach sorry for smoking pot with students
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    flamingo flamenco

    this reminded me a bit of PPP. not sure if its been posted before...if it has...too bad...deal with the repeat post. dont slag me for not reading back a tonne of pages to find it. Flamingo Flamenco
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    For you cat lovers...

    Check out this site for some potential halloween outfits for your kitty.
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    for those of you around guelph... apparently there is a lecture at 4pm by a reknowned sasquatch researcher. guess its put on by the dept of zoology. i have only been getting pieces of info from friends. but when i find more info i will post it for those that are interested in going...
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    Hurricane Juan

    ok...for all you people vying for the rule of halifax. who the hell is going to help clean up the mess left from hurrican juan?? some pics of the disaster here: Juan pics damn...makes me sick to my stomach to see some those pics and the destruction. especially those great old trees...
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    astroglide mascot??

    ok..so due to the other thread...i was perusing the astroglide website adn stumbled onto this... http://www.astroglide.com/astrofun.asp mm....i think tribe should be able to come up with some great names for this little guy!! :D
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    anyone else addicted to these delicious treats?
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    red wine and coca cola

    i think it was here that i read someone drank this. i just tried it and i must say it is pretty damn tasty. so thank you to whoever suggested it. and if you are in the guelph area, i say we grab a few bottles and enjoy it proper style. not this one glass thing i did tonite.
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    i just found my new favourite combo for a sammich... peanut butter banana and nutella throw it on some homemade whole wheat bread and wash it down with a big glass of ice cold milk. damn....so tasty.