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    Bunch of Random Electronics for Sale

    I have a stock pile of electronics I am getting rid of. Please text me at 416-558-8566 if interested in anything. 2 x Pioneer 800 mk2 - $500 - OBO Samsung TV - T220HD - 22 Inch - 720p - $100 - OBO Fossil Watch - Twist - $130 - OBO Canon Rebel T4i + Extra Lens - $700 - OBO Ipod Touch -...
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    FS: 2 x Pioneer cdj 800 mk2, Alesis Monitor One x 2, Amp and Xone 22 Mixer

    Hi there, I am selling 2 x CDJ-800's MK2, an Allen and Heath Xone 22 (Less than a year old), 2 x Alesis Monitor 1's (Passive) with a Yamaha Amp(not sure what model). If you are looking for a complete setup, get back at me ASAP. Sorry but I am not selling this individually, but as a package...
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    FS: used iPhone 4 - 16 gb - Locked to Rogers - 175$

    Good Day, I have an iPhone 4, 16 Gb used for sale. It was purchased about 2 years ago. It is in perfect working order and updated with the latest OS.The unit has been reset to factory settings.Would make an excellent gift for a young one. PLEASE NOTE:This unit comes with charger and usb only...
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    FS: iPhone 4 - Used - 175$ - Locked to Rogers

    Good Day! I have a used iPhone 4 for sale. It is in used condition with mild scratches from usage. It is approximately 2 years old. It comes loaded with the last version of iOS 6 as I have yet to upgrade to 7. I have the original box, manuals, headphones (never used), charger (usb...
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    F.S -Allen and Heath HD-53 Headphones - Used

    Selling my pair of Allen and Heath HD-53 Headphones. Used 1 year. Original Box and Case. Phones and headset are in mint condition. Just purchased brand new original earpads. Cord is a bit unravelled. 120$ O.B.O PM or Call - 416-558-8566 Thanks!
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    LF: Vestax Mixer - 3 Channel

    Hi there, I am looking for one of the following: PMC 170A PMC 27 PCV 275 If you have one, could you send me a PM with the details? Thanks! Frankie Pauze
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    RIP Macho Man.

    Sad but true: Macho Man Randy Savage Dies In Car Accident | TMZ.com
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    FS: Danby 5000 BTU A/C Unit

    I have a 5000 BTU Danby A/C Unit for Sale. Used for 1 year and works like a charm. Looking to upgrade to something bigger. If interested, looking for 75.00$ as I paid double that brand new. This unit will fit most windows. It includes the plastic bracket. If you require measurements, pls...
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    People's Other Lives

    Anyone else have a second job? High school clerk gets spanked for porn video - thestar.com I guess you have to look at it from both angles and unfortunately the school board is probably going to be in favour of dismissing her. I agree with the fact that it does not interfere with her...
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    If you dress like a "Slut" you're asking for it.

    Cop apologizes for offensive remark - Toronto Star The guy apologized for it but I'm sure he was up shits creek without a paddle and was forced to do it by the Police Board. I love this part: “You know, I think we’re beating around the bush here,” the officer said, according to Hoffman...
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    Snow Removal in Toronto - Not as good as It used to Be?!?!

    I may seem crazy here but, was snow removal in the 90's much more efficient than it is now? I leave for work at around 7am and the streets are pretty bad. I can recall in the 80's/90's a much better system where snow plows were out as soon as the snow started falling. As well I noticed that...
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    BPM Festival IN Playa Del Carmen

    Anyone go? I'm super pissed I missed it.
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    Zero Percent Volume 3 - Mixed by Pauze

    http://soundcloud.com/djpauze/zero-percent-volume-3-mixed-by-pauze Hello Everyone, It's been a while, thought I would throw the newest mix out for everyone to groove to. If you make it out next weekend to Zero Percent I will have cd copies to give away! Zero Percent Volume 3 - Mixed by...
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    The art of "Digging" has been lost?

    I have decided to start a thread about the art of "Digging", because someone on Facebook posted this which sparked a pretty massive debate on his wall. I am not going to mention any names, but would love to see what Tribe has to say about this. So this person's status write's: "New pet...
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    FS or Trade - Wii Consolte + Games 4 PS3

    Hello There, I have a Nintendo Wii That I would like to trade for a PS3. Included: Console 2 Wii Wireless Remotes Guitar for Rockband 1 Mario Cart Steering Wheel Mario Cart Rock Band Wii Sports Wii Play The console also has warranty until next year so you are...
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    When's the Last Time you went Bowling?

    Will be curious to see if this flies: Bowling 2.0: gastropub, microbrews and a hip, downtown location - thestar.com My guess is it will be cool for a year or so, like Playdium, then die off like it did.
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    R.I.P Greg Giraldo

    Just read this today, so sad. Not sure if anyone here liked Greg, but I thought he was one funny mofo. Prescription meds taking out mad celebrities this year! Comic Greg Giraldo dies after accidental OD - Entertainment - Celebrities - TODAYshow.com
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    Woah, Gays can't give blood?

    CP24- Groups call decision allowing ban on gay men donating blood 'disturbing' - CTV News, Shows and Sports -- Canadian Television Who is in charge of this?
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    Carola @ Footwork - Sept 4, 2010

    Finally found my brain again after this insane party! Got to Footwork at 10:30 as I knew there would be a massive lineup. Basically walked right in without trouble. Simina Grigoriu was playing and her sound was decent. She played some Technoish kinda stuff very similar to Kalkbrener. One...
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    Hot Topic - The DJ Promoter

    The below quote was taken from an article inside "In The Mix", Australia. I thought I would share this on the forum to get some of Triber's ideas. There's a boatload of this crap happening in Toronto. Being booked to a club based on how many people you can bring as opposed to your talent...