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    oh. em. gee.

    i'm drunk and it's clearly the only way to post on tribe.
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    The final season of BREAKING BAD

    so excited i just shit my pants a little. Breaking Bad - Breaking Bad: Official Season 4 Trailer – AMC
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    Facebook Friend Deletion

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    oh. em. gee.

    *reverse penis hug*
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    oh. em. gee.

    ps i only really came back because timmy told me that dude who went psycho on the greyhound was a member. also, i'm getting to 7,000 posts and retiring again for another 14 months.
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    oh. em. gee.

    alex, for you? done. it's been a while since i've given someone a good whipping.
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    oh. em. gee.

    i died but really i was alive the whole time. i came back to abuse some noobs. point me in the right direction.
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    Are beavers on the rise?

    i am fully engulfed in this topic. thank you for words of wisdom on the best animal on the planet.
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    IRON MAN 2 - reviews and discussion

    you'll be waiting a long time. it got canned. so did anchorman 2. paramount shut em both down, and they own the rights to both franchises so they can't even go to another studio. :(
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    OMG!!! Front of building next to Salad King collapses!

    fixed. ps there are some massive lollerpops going on in this thread right now. please continue.
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    Glee..Anyone see it?

    i don't think i'll be watching it anymore. after seeing the episode this week, i really really really really really can't stand that freaking rachel barry and her over-singing. it got so annoying that i actually muted it. and honestly, i'm pretty sure all they're going to do now is milk it for...
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    The final season of BREAKING BAD

    i see what you did there. very possible. or something along those lines.
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    I just signed up for twitter

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    Ricky Martin gay

    tee hee!! oh hamish, this post just made up for your posts in the bus ad thread. :P
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    v1: drawings of spiders v2: drawings of sharks

    the best part is when you try and post the website on facebook to share, it comes up "users have found this content to be abusive".
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    My roommate is missing

    sweetheart did you call the police yet? it falls under the 48 hours category right?
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    The final season of BREAKING BAD

    ohhhhh yeah dude. i found myself totally perplexed but anxious about what the story is there. especially the opening, in the village when they're all crawling on the ground toward the little temple thing. and i'm really excited about where things are gonna go with walt this season, with the...
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    British Granny DJ a hit in Paris

    whon whonnnnnn!
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    Vancouver Olympics 2010

    LANGUAGE FAIL YouTube - Language Fail
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    Vancouver Olympics 2010

    hahahahahahahahah!!!! Thank you for this!!!!