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    News from Hardcoretechno

    Really? That is weird. The only people who have ever been banned are Micheal Jatas and Ardcore_Junglist. Your account is active. Go try now and see if it works. Cheers
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    News from Hardcoretechno

    News from Hardcoretechno.ca http://www.hardcoretechno.ca has recently been updated with new regional reports on Hardcore across Canada. The purpose of Hardcoretechno.ca is to promote Hardcore and unite the Canadian Hardcore scenes. The site includes Canadian Hardcore DJ bios, streaming...
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    hardcoretechno.ca forum back online

    The http://www.hardcoretechno.ca forum is now back online. There was a short period of downtime while we switched servers. The board is now fully functional again, although some user avatars must be re-uploaded. A new and improved hardcoretechno.ca is also currently being developed with more...
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    http://www.hardcoretechno.ca is a Canadian Hardcoretechno resource meant to promote Hardcore and Canadian hardcore artists across Canada and abroad. The site features an extensive artists section with biographies of nearly all of the major Canadian Hardcore artists, a booking form for them...
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    Halifax July18/03 OTW Presents "Momentum"

    http://www.lounge37.com/firm/ for official party information Halifax, Nova Scotia Friday July 18, 2003 Rain Date: Saturday July 19, 2003 $10 @ the gate 10pm - 10am Location announced below and on above website Join us outdoor's this summer as we dance under a blanket of stars and the...
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    august happenings

    http://www.evolvefestival.com/ Three day festival in Antiginish. Mark Farina headlining with others.
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    Dalhousie Uni

    Live in the south end of the city. It is more expensive but you don't want to live anywhere else if you can help it. Avoid anything past Quinpool and definately avoid Dartmouth. Also, find a place soon as there is an expected housing shortage this year with the increased number of students...
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    Who are all the CANADIAN hardcore dj's !?

    East Coast Canada Hardcore DJs Contact Info: NickWright - nickwright@hardcoretechno.ca Saul Goode - saulgoode@hardcoretechno.ca DJC - djc@hardcoretechno.ca Haunti - reck123@hotmail.com
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    Who are all the CANADIAN hardcore dj's !?

    East Coast Canada Hardcore DJs are: NickWright (me) - Hardcoretechno - Halifax Saul Goode - Happy Hardcore - Halifax DJC - Freeform Hardcore - Halifax Haunti - Speedcore - Halifax If you want to see a big list of Canadian Hardcore DJs visit the 'Artists' section of my website at...
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    Halifax-Feb&March 10 "Back w the Hardcore"

    www.hardcoretechno.ca brings you… "Back with the Hardcore" Two evenings of the finest Hardcoretechno that Halifax has to offer Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Monday February 10, 2003 9pm to 1am NickWright – Hardcoretechno Saule Goode – Happy Hardcore DJC – Freeform...
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    On Monday March 10th I am doing a hardcore night at a pub called the Gradhouse. Go to the 'Hardcore' forum on this site and read the "Back With the Hardcore' post. Also, you can go to one of the following sites: http://www.hardcoretechno.ca (forum for more info on my upcoming night)...
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    "Back with the Hardcore" Halifax - Feb.&March 10

    http://www.hardcoretechno.ca brings you… "Back with the Hardcore" Two evenings of the finest Hardcoretechno that Halifax has to offer Monday February 10, 2003 9pm to 1am NickWright – Hardcoretechno Saule Goode – Happy Hardcore DJC – Freeform Hardcore Swass – Tech House...
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    Free CD Give Away at Frenzy 3

    In celebration of http://www.hardcoretechno.ca 's anniversary I will be giving away one hundred, yes one hundred copies of my most recent CD 'Back to the Underground Volume 1' at Frenzy 3 on Friday October 25. For party information see: http://www.massive-productions.com To make sure you...
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    http://www.hardcoretechno.ca has a new message board!

    http://www.hardcoretechno.ca now has a new message board exclusively for Canadian Hardcore. Go and register now!
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    Set Times Yet?

    Could someone post the full set times list for the Hullabaloo tent?
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    Winners have been notified by email or phone

    FunkStarDeluxe asked me to post this as he doesn't have an account on the Tribe message Board: "Hey man my buddie sent in a demo tape to wemf.The e-mailed to notify the winners. But he didnt send a e-mail addy with his tape. How can he find out if he got slected to play? If the dj's dont...
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    New CD in Stores Now-NickWright-Freeform Hardcore

    My new CD entitled 'Back to the Underground' is now available in stores. The professionally duplicated and designed CD consists of 70 minutes of the latest and freshest Freeform Hardcore. The CD has been mixed live and includes rhythmic cutting and scratching. It is available at Numb Clothing in...
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    HaHa, While all you suckaz were at DayBreaks (everyone should have known the party was going to hurt because it was being put on by DayBreaks, they had had a series of disaster parties if my memory serves me right) all the smart people were at THR's Gatekeeper '99. I remember at around 3am tons...
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    Phaze-1, Dec. 1/01, Halifax, Feat. DJ Tilz and SOS

    PHAZE 1 info: December 1, 2001 Halifax, NS. Headlining DJs - SOS - (Toronto - Sounds of Sugoi, TTC, 1groove.com, DAMN!) - Hard Trance One of Halifax's favorite dj's, and always a crowd pleaser, SOS makes his way back to town. His hard styles and heavy sound join together to dazzle your...
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    Strip Search Hearing

    Tomorrow (May 23/01) is the hearing for the rave strip search that happened a while back. Everyone who is able should come out to show their support. It is taking place at the Summit building in downtown Halifax on the 3rd floor. It is open to the public and is starting at 9:30 AM. It will...