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    FS: Leafs v Panthers Dec 19th

    2 tickets Gold - Section 110 - Row 15 - Seat 3 & 4 (they are on the aisle) Excellent seats, in seat service. $420 for the pair.
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    Can you buy Rogers Cup Tickets at the gate?

    If it is not sold out? like lots look available online but I don't know for sure yet if I can go is that something where you can buy them there?
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    FS: Jason Collette @ Lee's Palace Dec 10th

    Selling a pair for a friend... below cost. $20 for the pair. Concert is this Saturday.
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    LF or Trade: Stars @ Lee's Palace tix Dec 17

    Looking to buy or trade, I have 2 tix to the afternoon show... I'd love to buy tickets to the evening show on Sat or Friday. $$ Negotiable.
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    FS: Ikea JULES chair

    The chair is actually in the Royal Blue colour that they apparently don't make anymore. There is some nailpolish on the seat (a slight spot) and is fairly used. You could paint it if you wanted to. Seat has some marks on it from watercolours. $5 ($49 new) If I can get my camera phone to work...
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    FS: Ikea Oppli TV Stand

    Ikea Oppli TV Stand, Kept in good condition. Wheels on the bottom. $25obo. (goes for $69 new) pm or lusciousfiction at hotmale dot calm
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    FS: Sunbeam Microwave

    Similar model to above. I've had it for a year and bought it new. Has a nice little spinning glass tray inside and is quite a powerful bugger. Inside constantly cleaned so no caked on gross stuff is on the inside. Sellin because where I'm movin there's a microwave already installed in the...
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    Free Television

    I am moving and I have no need for my big TV. It's a 27" Samsung I believe I got it in 1992. Free only because the tv is so so old I see no point in selling.It's still in perfect working order and I have the clicker with the beloved sleep timer on it. Only catch: you must come pick it up from...
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    The Disclosure Project Lecture at U of T

    Is anyone going to this? Looks mighty interesting for $10. http://www.disclosureproject.org/Events.htm#Toronto
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    Excel Help!!!!!!!!

    Anyone who knows advanced excel, ie. graphs and charts. please pm me. Ur assistance is required in making a graph. Spanks in advance.
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    FREE Kitten

    Cute, great natured snuggly almost 6 mos old female kitten. She has not been fixed yet. I have all her health records etc. We have to get rid of her because my roommate is alergic and we have 2 cats, she can only handle 1. She likes to play with straws & twist ties, loves watching you on the...
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    Tim Horton's Rrroll up the Rim contest

    So has anyone here ever won anything other than a free coffee or donut? I want that Coleman prize pack so bad!!!!!!! I was just having a discussion with my co-worker about the frequency of winning free stuff from this contest. We have determined that going for the large is a better deal...
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    What time does Numb or 2 the beat open?

    I feel like such a loser for asking that. *awaits smart ass remarks*
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    FS: Autoshow tickets

    2 Tickets to the Autoshow $7 for 1 or 2 for $10. PM.
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    Question regarding DSL

    We are in dire straits! We are currently using dialup because of a Rogers related boondoggle. My roommate depends on high speed internet to do her job at home. Our Rogers cable is down so we were wondering because we have access to someone's DSL Modem with Bell and we know the acct and psswd...
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    Biggest Oil spill since 1989 in Alaska

    This sounds pretty bad considering its in a hot spot for wildlife. When will we ever learn to protect our environment? And when will ship captains learn how to read MAPS?! Or call for help when their motors die? Don't we have shit in place to prevent stuff like this...
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    Man stabbed in Ikea opening stampede

    http://edition.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/europe/02/10/ikea.stabbing/index.html Ikea should know better than to sell a leather sofa for $65
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    Congratulations To You Leonaro Dicaprio

    On your Golden Globe win...soon you will finally win the Oscar you so rightly deserve.
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    Outlook Help!

    How do I recall an email in outlook?!?!
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    Wicked Cheap e-bay car!

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5544817163 :D