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  1. K

    The best 1$ video game on the 360 indi market....

    Mount Your Friends this is quite frankly the best game ever made.
  2. K

    RCMP getting paid to snowboard in Alberta....

    ... to catch weed smokers. Canada's War on Pot Just Got Weirder damn don't he look fabulous going down the slopes? What a cush ass gig. Also, what an out of touch police service the RCMP are for actually doing this.
  3. K

    IOC is going to remove Wrestling from the Olympics

    I'm surprised no one mentioned this yet. It's official: dressing up and making a horse prance around is obviously a better sport than the oldest sport in known history. What a fucking joke. don't get me going on shit like prancing around with a fucking ribbon or jumping on a trampoline...
  4. K

    Gifs With Sound

    there's lots of these on youtube. The original 3 or 4 were great but this one takes the trophy.... just smile at this stuff. Too funny
  5. K


    .............. nuff said. Shit is one of the most hilarious cartoons out there these days. but I've gotta know, Season 4 started tonight. But you've gotta be fucking shitting me. 20 minute episode? WTF FX?!?!?!?!!
  6. K

    Christopher Lee is metal \m/

    yea, the 90 year old actor.... heavy metal christmas songs. w t f \m/
  7. K

    thanks for the "olive branch" rogers high speed cable...

    Save your bullshit marketing speak for retards that don't know WTF is up. A WHOLE 20 MEGS! WOOOHOOO in layman's terms, if you're streaming HD quality shit, that's a whopping 2 minutes of video (roughly) before they say "fuck you, you're getting slowed back down again" Everything else...
  8. K

    LMFAO calls it quits.

    LMFAO's Redfoo, SkyBlu going in 'different directions' | Music | Detroit Free Press | freep.com get the fuck out of here. I did not know this. No wonder these retards came out of nowhere and instantly had huge sales. His dad is one of the most crooked motherfuckers in the music industry...
  9. K

    Joe Rogan @ clandestiny

    Who the fuck is in??!?!?! This thursday night fuckers!!!!!
  10. K

    uh oh, here we go. China is getting real

    Dollar no longer primary oil currency as China begins to sell oil using Yuan - National Finance Examiner | Examiner.com tl:dr russia and china buddy buddy up with oil in hopes to destabilize the american dollar.
  11. K

    Love AC/DC? Prepare to be arrested for blasting it

    Woman Arrested Four Times For Playing AC/DC
  12. K

    Do you think that's air you're breathing?

    Scientists Invent Oxygen Particle That If Injected, Allows You To Live Without Breathing | TechWench.com
  13. K

    Ken Block: Ultimate driving badass, Gymkhana 5

    still waiting for ford to release that 600+hp fiesta for the general market. :D
  14. K

    Toronto indy 2012

    Probably be a very short lived thread. 5 laps to go, and I've gotta be honest with you all here. This has been a very surprisingly race. last year was fucking amateur bumper car hours into turn 3 hairpin. Race was just fucking pathetic. This year? Well it's been a goddamn very...
  15. K

    Tupac back from the dead.... Sorta

    remember a year ago or so about those crazy holographic concerts staring japanese anime characters? well... tupac.
  16. K

    Do not watch the movie Contagion

    This is a public service announcement for all members of tribe. Do not waste 140 minutes of your time watching this shitty fucking movie. Do not be swayed by the fact that Matt Damon and Fishfood or whatever his name is in this movie. What a piece of fucking shit. Are there any other...
  17. K

    Battlefield 3 thread of base rape and vehicle spawn camping thread of DOOOM!!!!

    Cmon tribers, Jesus.... Really??? Lets get this shit going as I for one, have given up the call of duty "i am to awesome at this game I'm retiring from it" bandwagon. Not even a thread about the beta from a couple weeks ago? pshsssshsshhshshssshhshshsh </beer> We've gotta get this shit...
  18. K

    KMFDM and 16 Volt @ the phoenix, this tuesday

    Now who's feeling that oldschool early 90's industrial vibe with me on this? I had to skip out on the previous kmfdm stop 2 years ago. I aint missing this, and 16 volt?? fuck. yes. only roughly 30$ not too shabby, i can swing that shit. Who's in? oh wait, i already know.. i'm alone on...
  19. K

    The Sheen is streaming right now, live!

    Sheen's-Korner, Ustream.TV: You're either in Sheen's-Korner or you're with the trolls..
  20. K

    CRTC and usage-based billing: The internet is now officially dead

    CRTC Finalizes ISP Usage-Based Billing - Canadian Broadband Gets Even More Expensive & Confusing | DSLReports.com, ISP Information