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  1. K

    Movement 2014

    I've caught them in Toronto once or twice, really dig their stuff.
  2. K

    CODA opening -- with Art Department

    Was there on Friday also - been a few times before the official re-opening (Minus halloween, Bicep) , and like what they have done with the space. Room to move, not too pushy, sound is pretty good. Really enjoyed Octave Ones set - was looking forward to Saunderson more, but ended up enjoying...
  3. K

    the latest on the worst and best male lovers by nationality

    8. Scotland (too loud) 9. Turkey (too sweaty) 10. Russia (too hairy) loudy, sweaty, hairy is a bad thing?
  4. K

    Gym etiquette and general info.

    At the end of my lifting class, starting to get to the point where it feels like I can start pushing the weight as my technique is getting better. Also getting a better sense of where I have issues with strength/mobility/flexibility/etc and how to better address them. Considering I hadn't...
  5. K

    Frankie Knuckles @ RYZE

    Exactly - shouldn't matter if it's a gay party or not - go out and have fun. I used to have a few friends that would only go out with me if it was a 'gay event', and trying to get them to go to non-gay parties a pain. Wish I hadn't of forgotten about this - wanted to check it out.
  6. K

    Gym etiquette and general info.

    Signed up for an olympic-weight lifting training program. Enjoying it so far, and the instructor has been great, especially considering the last time I did anything with a barbell was like, 2 or 3 years ago. Did mess up a clean the other day and bounced the barbell off of my collar bone - got...
  7. K

    Nuit Blanche 2013

    I had wanted to venture out for NB, and had aimed for a 1am or so time to venture out hoping I'd miss the bulk of the crowds, but what was meant as a mini-nap turned into a full-on sleep and ended up missing it. NB is fun, yeah - some of the art is bad, but seeing the city come alive at night...
  8. K

    Footwork has closed

    FW wasn't a place that I hit up often, but when I did go there - I generally had a pretty good time. I can't remember any night there where I had left regretting my decision to go. Well, almost - there has been twice I've gone - got there a little too late and bailed on the line after it not...
  9. K

    Harvest Festival 2013

    thinking of heading up this year, if I do - anyone got room for two?
  10. K

    Gym etiquette and general info.

    Been doing classes at DCC, not a 'crossfit' gym, but from what I know of cross fit - it's not that far off. All around been enjoying the hell out of it, the workouts kick my ass, work up a sweat and generally feel great after (unless I've worked myself to a point of feeling nauseas...of...
  11. K

    New Year's Eve party reviews?

    I ended up seeing Honey Dijon at 540 Church. 10 min walk from home, $25 cover, good music - I danced my ass off. Can't really complain. Wasn't an epic-night of mind blowing musical/party awesomeness, but it was a solid night of ass-shaking.
  12. K

    Tell us about Ben Klock...

    I had company holiday party Saturday, and had thought "chances are by time I am done there, the lineup is going to be a mess and not worth going" after hearing about the lineup mess for Marco Carola. Thankfully, I was wrong - got a text from a friend at 12:30 saying they were in the club, and...
  13. K

    Hawtin, etc @ The Hoxton

    Seems like I'm the only person here that had a reasonably good time. I had expected shit-show, and found it was actually not as bad as expected. Got inside the club no problem. Zero line up outside, short line to hand in my tickets that went smoothly, and maybe a 10-15 minute wait for coat...
  14. K

    Carl Craig, Loco Dice and Richie Hawtin at the Hoxton

    The sound there typically sucks, Platform bought in the AlienInflux sound to beef it up quite a bit. Sounded amazing last night - all around I had a pretty good time. Initially I was worried about hassles at the door with tickets (I've had bad experiences with advanced tickets the past...
  15. K

    Borderlands 2... shit just got bigger!!!

    I'd actually disagree with that. GBX has been pretty transparent about their development and DLC plans. The game went for certification months ago, during that time they can't make any more changes to the game - so what are they supposed to do, sit on their thumbs and do nothing? If anything...
  16. K

    Borderlands 2... shit just got bigger!!!

    Just a few kills away from level 28 - wrapped up the quest with The Bunker and the part after that.... Game has been a blast so far, so easy to have 3-4 hours of my night fly by without me really noticing. "What, its 11:30 already?" Quite a few side-missions I haven't done yet because I...
  17. K

    Borderlands 2... shit just got bigger!!!

    Played it quite a bit the other day, have a Siren up to level 16 - loads of fun. Pretty much 'Borderlands - but more!', which is what I wanted. Seems like there is much more variety in terms of shields / grenade mods also that are fun to play around with. Toying with how I want to build my...
  18. K

    Guild Wars 2 - Egad !

    Hows the game holding up in release? Tempted to pick it up, but between Dark Souls Prepare To Die (on my 3rd character...), and then Borderlands 2 / Torchlight 2 out pretty soon - don't think I'll have much time to play this for awhile.
  19. K

    Steam Summer Sale

    Also picked up Amnesia, kept hearing so much buzz around it being so scary/etc - I had tried the demo awhile ago and wasn't left very impressed. Decided to play it last night, figure 'dark stormy night, sets the mood' -- while a few of the scares are a little cheap, the game is actually pretty...
  20. K

    SIM Festival!!

    I made it out to the daytime party at Sugar Beach and had a pretty good time, was there from about 6pm until close. The music was a bit mellow but danceable the entire time, wasn't too often that I was relaxing on the sidelines. Was more of a 'grooving out' than 'rocking out', which was fine by...