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    anyone working on new remixes lately?
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    Realm 01 Studio - Remixes and Originals-seeking rap vocalist

    What’s up Tribe community members! I'm looking for rap artists who are interested in laying down some vocals on some tracks that I had created and remixed. Since I do not have any vocalist recorded yet, I had to layer the tracks with acappella's just so I can feel the track. Artist vocal...
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    "In da Studio" with Jay & his side kick "Father" MiGzzz featuring special guests.

    Every Wednesday and Sunday nights at 8:00pm Eastern Standard time (Toronto), Realm 01 Studio records a live one hour independent pod cast called "In da Studio" with Jay & his side kick "Father" MiGzzz featuring special guests. This independent new music broadcast features its own artist...
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    What the F$#@! Is it true that torontobreaks.com website is relaunching again? technics1200 :eek:
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    Anyone looking for some free web hosting for dev purposes?

    I have bandwidth and web server space to share for development purposes only. If any of you tribers are looking for space to host your website, let me know. Always willing to help a triber out. PM me. Peace. MiGzzz :D
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    I Love Cameltoes

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    website content filtering/website tracking software recommendation:

    I'm looking for an affordable website content filtering/website tracking application that is Windows 2003 server compatiable. Anyone have a recommendation of such product? Thanks inadvance. MiGzzz
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    Does anyone know this dude? - First Canadian Place is some kind of a DUMP!

    http://community.livejournal.com/toronto/5864493.html Just keep looking at the dude located at top right hand side of the video...
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    Do you wake up ready for it?

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    Junior Desktop Technician in Toronto needed...

    JOB DESCRIPTION COMPANY NAME: Regis Technology URL: www.registechnology.com Position Title: Junior Desktop Technician Job Deadline: April 26 2007 Resume Submission type: Email info@registechnology.com or fax: 416-693-9999 Business Contact info: 416-693-9999 Job Type: Contract/Part time...
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    Windows 2000 Server DNS service...Anyone know how to set one up?

    Windows 2000 Server DNS service...Anyone here know how to set one up? I think i may have missed a step or two...tee hee hee. Tanx :D
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    Getting rid of the "System Alert" Message displayed

    After using Internet, suddenly a flashing Icon has been added next to my clock at the bottom right of my desktop. When I either right click or left click on it, IE opens and wants to go to certain url addresses each time and gives me a phony system alert message! I have tried lots of anti...
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    mix hip hop sets ---->>> my first contribution post on the Hip Hop Forum...

    I find it hard to find mix hip hop sets online? Old or nu skool sets i mean... Or is it just me? I couldn't find not much in the DJ mix forum either? Wat up Deposit....Longtime :D Peace!
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    Business Broker Recommendations

    Restaurants for sale in Toronto... Any recommendations of a Business Broker in Toronto?
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    Tribe.ca in Jun 01, 1997

    http://web.archive.org/web/19970601152909/http://www.tribe.ca/ Your thoughts please :D
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    Blackberry third Party Applications - FREEWARE

    So... I decided to finally go to the DARKSIDE (BlackBerry Device) and move away from my Palm Treo 600. The only problem is i'm having a bit of a problem finding FREEWARE apps for it...e.g. IM's, GAMES, Etc Etc.... Any suggestions? Linky please :D Tanx MiGzzz
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    Laser TVs launching Christmas 2007

    http://www.engadgethd.com/2006/10/10/laser-tvs-launching-christmas-2007 IT'S being hailed by its developers as the next revolution in visual technology - a laser television that will make plasma screens obsolete. Soon-to-be-listed Australian company Arasor International and its US partner...
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    Track ID - Bring it back...

    My wife has been buggin' me about some "latin" house track where the female singer is singing in the chorus: "bring it back... bring it back...bring it back, bring it back to me..." x 2 and also somewhere in the lyrics it's has "...my sweet melody" This track has this latin house...
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    Video Surveillance Software recommendationzzz

    Not sure why... but these days i've been hooked on Video Surveillance shiaatzz. My place now is rigged with 4 Video Surveillance cameras connected to my Workstation at home. I can see wat gwan at me place :D Any who...I'm kind of getting extremely bored of the software i'm using and was in...
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    La La

    www.lala.com WOW...quite impressive! ARTICLE BELOW SOURCE: cp24.com By now you’re probably aware of everything there is to know about the downloading of music off the Internet. It’s considered illegal because it violates copyright. It’s prolific because millions of people do it...