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    LF: Immediate Postering / Flyering Help Needed

    Hello, I'm looking for a small poster / flyer distribution company, or an individual who provide immediate, efficient and prolific services to the 18th Annual Inside Out Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival. I am looking for someone with experience---$$$ negotiable. Must be able to get...
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    FS: Desktop for Video Editing

    Hello, I am currrently working for a video artist doing artist assistance and production management. He's looking to upgrade his current system(s)----I have my eye on his laptop, which I can't purchase until his desktop is sold. If you're interested in a desktop ladened with software, let's...
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    Help! Getting to Guelph?

    howdy, howdy... my partner's sister is having a baby right now, and she needs to get to guelph ASAP. the only thing is, it looks like both the Greyhound & the GO buses stop running from Toronto to Guelph at 11:30 pm. does anyone else know of ANY way to get there at this time...? that...
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    Crossing the Border

    allo-ah... so, here's the deal: my family is in North Carolina right now, celebrating my brother's 30th birthday and my stepmom's 50th birthday. i wasn't able to go because i'm stuck at this temporary job doing data entry... but! it turns out, we JUST finished everything-- today. so...
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    99 Sudbury

    does anyone have the number for 99 sudbury? ... or, does anyone know who i get in touch with to rent the space?
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    renting woes...

    so, my potential roommates and i have our eyes on this particular apartment. we're in the process of filling out our application forms, which will give the landlord permission to access our banking information, criminal records... blahblahblah. the thing is, we were told that a $250 security...
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    Love Hurts.

    le sigh. anyone else with me?
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    renting mixers?

    hello hello. i'm having a little shindig at me place... annnd i have the DJs, but no turntables. i found out i'm able to sign out the student union's turntables at my school, but they don't have a mixer! where the heck can i get a mixer in this city?!?
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    ...how the heck do i get my messages?!

    my boyfriend and i had our apartment robbed on sunday night and the thief took everything that was small enough to squeeze out the back window, including our telephone. my boyfriend's parents signed us up for one of those fancy pants bell answering machine services that lives inside your...
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    Recommendations for the Toronto Tourist?

    i have a younger cousin in town, who hails from the sunny south of france. she's here for three months studying english and thankfully, she's super cool. the thing is, it's hard to find time to research all the things that toronto has to offer and take her around the city. she wants to...
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    "Open Concept" Relationships...

    ...is it possible to make them work? I've been in an exclusive relationship for the last five years. My boyfriend and I met at such a young age that we never had the chance to experience other people. The problem is we want to have our cake and eat it too. Have any of you tribers out...