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    False Advertising

    In the upcoming events forum - My Bloody Valentine @ Brockton Collective....way to get a guys hopes up.
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    Carnivale...what happened?

    So i thought this place was supposed to restart the whole "warehouse" party vibe in Toronto. I was planning on hitting it up at some point but everything ended after 2 events. Whats the scoop?
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    Whatever happened to Dj Gryphon

    Just like the title says What happened to Gryphon?
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    Kaskade - Dynasty

    What a complete piece of shite. Another quality house producer bites the dust. I haven't been following him at all the last while. When did he star producing this crap?
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    Joey Youngman aka Wolfgang Gartner

    such a shame. I guess if you want money bad enough you'll sell your soul to get it lol. http://www.myspace.com/djwolfganggartner
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    Wasted Chicago Youth

    Wasted Chicago Youth (Justin Long & Mazi) Anybody else feeling these guys. Really liking the I-speak release especially the Magic Noise Goblin track. Was really getting bored of the same old Chicago Jack sound. I'm really liking the techier side of Justin Long. Its a perfect blend of...
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    Sneak and Carter 4 decks + 2 mixers = 1 house

    Does anyone remember this party at Industry? Same night when Sneak dropped the "fame" overlay. They recorded this night and I had the tape back in the day but unfortunately an ex of mine stole it from me years back. Does anyone have a copy of this they can rip for me? I would really like to...
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    Toronto International Bike Show

    I'm looking to grab a mountain bike for myself and my wife this year. Does anyone know if this bike show is good for last years models and/or do they sell used bikes?. I'm looking to spend around $1500 for the both of us.
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    custom/duty charges from ordering online from the uk

    Does anyone know what kind of charges I would be looking at for a $100 pound clothing order from the uk?
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    Farina and Sir Piers (Tarantulaz)

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    1200 Warriors

    Finally a mixed set from these guys. to bad it's only 40 min long, but OMG. shits hot anybody have any info on the "fix my sink" (remix?) at 16:00? http://1200warriors.com/1200warriorspromomix1.mp3
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    potty mouth

    for anybody who really digs the switch/solid groove sound I suggest checking Potty Mouth out. Tech heavy house music. here's a link to their myspace page. Make sure you check out the track Crookers bumble bees http://www.myspace.com/pottymouthbeats and hers a link to Chris Santiago's...
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    2 sets i'm really diggin right now

    Check these out. I haven't really been impressed with what I have heard of Youngman lately until I heard this set. Brand new Rich Sutcliffe mix http://www.richsutcliffe.com/mixes/jackthesystemrecordings.mp3.zip Joey Youngman live mix from may...
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    whats up with the site now? anybody know? i try to go to it and it takes me to some domain page.
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    LCG - 2007 WMC promo

    Your Welcome http://www.lawnchairgenerals.com/wmc07.html
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    terry mullan

    new mix from his site http://www.terrymullan.com/mix.mp3
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    Inland Knights

    live mix from February 3rd that was posted on UGH. part 1 http://www.republikmusic.net/music/IKpt1@%20RePublik.mp3 part 2 http://www.republikmusic.net/music/IKpt2@%20RePublik.mp3
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    The end of the ECB

    grabbed this from UGH. Dear peoples of UGH, J and I are on our last tour together from October 31 (our Ten Year Anniversary) until our last set together at WMC 2007 (eight hour set TBC). We would like to thank all the promoters for putting up with our crazy shenanigans over the years. The...
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    a couple new mixes i came across on ugh. first one he did with Angel Alanis www.4kenzo.com/media/mastik_VS_alanis.mp3 1: 1200 Warriors - Da Jam Vox up 2: No Assembly Firm - Uptown Stomp 3: Dj Sneak & Mastiksoul - La familia 4: Brett Johnson - Its the Underground 5: Mastiksoul -...