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    FS: 2 x Technics 1200 MK2 & DJM 500

    2 x Black Technics 1200 MK2 for Sale - Used for 2.5 yrs + - Excellent Condition ( No Scratches or whatsoever: One of turntable's pop-up light not working. ) - Used only at home. - Comes with clear plastic protective cover over the turntables. No hinges. - No carts. Asking $750 for the...
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    Tony Rohr - Baile Conmigo

    Okay, my last resort. Searched all over, backordered for weeks, no news. Anyone willing to let this go?
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    ***Furnitures for SALE*** CHEAP

    USED IKEA furnitures for sale. All in EXCELLENT condition. All have to go. LACK Shelving Unit - Retails C$139 (C$159.85 w/tax) Dimensions: Width: 35 cm, Depth: 38 cm, Height: 190 cm, Weight: 27 kg Selling with 6 x RILL Braked Castors - Retails C$8 / 2 pack (C$27.60 w/tax) Castors...
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    FS: 1992 Dodge Stealth Rear Spoiler

    The car is gone. The rear spoiler is still here with me. The spoiler is black in colour. However, the black was painted over the red (the previous colour). There are also a few scratches on the paint surface. The spoiler comes with a red brake light. Here are 2 pics of the rear spoiler...
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    Magda live on Paxahau now!!

    Tuesday, October 28th 8pm EST Paxahua Radio presents... Magda (M_nus,Women On Wax/Detroit,Berlin) www.paxahau.com/node.htm click on tune in and then choose your net connection. Fuckin awesome so far.
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    Might be interested

    Featuring an exclusive guest mix today on www.protonradio.com Minimal/ Tech-house mix from myself, and a driving techno mix from Kenny. We'll be on from 12-2pm EST. 14th Oct. (Today in about 3 mins time). More info: http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/showthread.php?threadid=51443 Enjoy.
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    Proton Radio Pres. 'Q:uarks' | Aaron K | Tues 12pm EST

    'Q:uarks' presents Guest Mix Techno: Logical 003 compiled & mixed by Kenny on www.protonradio.com with show host, Aaron K. Date: 14th Oct 2003 Time: 12-2pm EST More Info: http://www.protonradio.com/show.php?showid=85&action=bio&bioid=668 Kenny is one of the pioneers of the techno and...
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    Deadbeat aka Scott Monteith. Awesome producer. His stuff on background, revolver, klitekture, and 'wild documentaries' on scape are all great stuff. Saw his live pa at Glide Wednesdays anniversary earlier this year and his dubby soundscapes lured me to secure his scape album. It seems...
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    Car Rentals by the hour??

    Are there any companies that rent car by the hour? My friend gave me 2 companies which do just that and for cheap but I lost the info..... :( :( Thanks.
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    CD Mix: Ricardo Villalobos - Taka Taka

    Does anyone know if this has been released? Can't seem to find it anywhere. I've taken a good listen a couple of times and wanna buy a copy. Any pointers is appreciated. Here are the tracks (in case you're interested): Tracklisting: 1. Joris Vermeiren – Atomium 2. Ark – Sweet Chat Rio...
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    D.O.P.E. aka B. James & R. Stanley, who did the 'travelling' on good looking a while back. Does anyone know what had happened to them?
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    9th April: Steve Mack Proton Featured Artist

    This week's featured artist on Proton Radio is our very own, Steve Mack. His set will be aired this Wednesday, 9th April from 1pm - 3pm EST. For more info on Steve: http://www.protonradio.com/show.php?showid=9&action=bio&bioid=355 There are 2 parts to this mix: 'Part 1 "Detox" - This is all...
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    Magda Paxahau Set Track ID

    I would like to know the first track. Anyone? Thx in advance. http://www.paxahau.com/sounds/2002/adecember/12-26-02_magda_theshelter.ram
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    For Sale: Access Virus

    Access Virus A 16 part multi timbrial virtual analogue synth for Sale. $1000 O.B.O. Contact: biologik@hotmail.com for more details.
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    Round Cubes & SCSI-9

    Hi there, My lastest mix is up at Watcher's FTP, thought I let you guys know whoever is interested. Here is the tracklisting for 'Round Cubes': 1. Titonton Duvante - Rugburn [Residual] 2. Steve Bug - You Make Me Feel (Version 1) [Pokerflat] 3. Steve Bug - Mixed Up Moods [Pokerflat]...
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    Round Cubes & SCSI-9

    Hi there, My lastest mix is up at Watcher's FTP, thought I let you guys know whoever is interested. Here is the tracklisting for 'Round Cubes': 1. Titonton Duvante - Rugburn [Residual] 2. Steve Bug - You Make Me Feel (Version 1) [Pokerflat] 3. Steve Bug - Mixed Up Moods [Pokerflat]...
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    ***More Records For Sale***

    My bro & I are compiling a bunch of vinyls for sale. All have to go and all of them are in excellent condition. 001 Nu Alliance - Vexel EP [Klenzd] 002 Elektric Suedehead - Micklefield Skyline (Remixes by Swag, Justin Drake & Elektric Suedehead) [Mighty Atom] 003 Duncan Grey -...
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    My Kitkat has no waffles in them.

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    *****Records For Sale*****

    HOUSE Rocket - People (Jeno/ Rob Mello Mixes) [NRK] $10 DJ Dozia & Colin Dale - Work/ Work Accapella/ The Groove [LHB] $10 Slasher - Mind Trip (Mind Mix/ Accapella/ Trip Mix) [SFP] $10 The Supermen Lovers - Diamonds For Her (2020 Vision Mixes) [Independiente] $10 Goldfisch Und Der...
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    24th Jan: Aldrin, Zouk Resident Live @ Groovetech

    Aldrin Queck is resident at the Zouk club and the spearhead of the club's Saturday nights in the main room. Although known for his massive percussive tribal tech-house fusion, Aldrin' s flexibility has seen him pushing his version of deeper organic house sets, impressing the smaller, more...