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    Game design as a career...

    Any tribers have this as their chosen careers? I am currently an architecture student but i am finding that architecture is not as creative as i had thought. The business aspect of it has become a much more important part than the need to create awsome shit that make people's jaws drop. And...
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    MSN Messenger 7 is released!

    Download MSN Messenger 7 Messenger Plus! Great add-ons with this one such as sending sounds, changing the log in sound for someone special, many tweaks, etc etc etc Mess With MSN Messenger Exactly what the link says... this site is dedicated to messing around with msnmessenger...
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    Free ipod thingies

    do any of those pyramid free ipod things work in canada yet? i've been wanting to get one but i dont have money so :/
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    Recognizing U Degrees in Canada

    So I says to her, I says: "I'm studying in Milan, Italy." This was a really unresearched move as far as life decisions go. I am studying architecture here which is a 5 year program (3+2). The first 3 years are the standard degree that they give you... I guess it could be comparable to a BA...
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    The Most Excellent Software Thread

    This thread is a journey into optimizing choices in regards of software. Its purpose is to create a list of software that is clearly better than the rest that are floating around. Put the category, the name of the software, and follow with a reason as to why this is more advantageous than the...
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    inquiring minds wonder...

    Can someone please explain to me why Bush is such a bad president? Where he went wrong? What would have Gore done differently if he was in charge during 9/11?
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    Amsterdam advice

    I know, i know... the search button... but most of the advice about amsterdam on tribe regard smoking.... and i don't smoke; makes me all paranoid and shit. But i do enjoy fungi ;). I was wondering if you have advice for a non-smoker's trip to amsterdam, also advice regarding the mushrooms...
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    So, i'm jumping to Ireland from the 1st of june until the 6th. Landing in Cork, and flying away from Dublin. I was wondering if any of the tribe's travelheads have any suggestions as far as route taking/hostels/must see's etc go. Is the west coast preffered over the wexofrd route? What is there...
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    im looking for somthing a little more spicy than bluemountain and the rest of that crop... they seriously lack. can you guys reccomend a more naughty/interesting/original website? thanks
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    A geek tribute: recovering partitions

    http://www.cgsecurity.org/index.html?testdisk.html This is an AWSOME fucking program. After almost breaking the wall with my head beacause I deleted a partition with over 100 gigs of stuff in it, i found this little thing and it saved my life. Recovers deleted partitions in a whiff... and...
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    Guns'n'Roses japanese suprise

    http://members15.tsukaeru.net/tei-tei-ta-/mikomiko-roses.html#nurse :D
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    Finding a job in Greece....

    It's a long shot but.... here goes: So currently I'm in Milan for University.... and I have had huge desire to go to Greece in the summer, and chill a bit there... love Greece, very fun and awsome beaches. The problem would be that everything will be very expensive this summer due to the...
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    excrusciatingly bored...

    AAAAAAAAAAGH! Any suggestions?
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    Tribe webradio...

    Just had this idea of a tribe web radio station... so many music heads here with such excellent taste... just look at the reccomend one song thread, or the what are you listening to thread. I think it would be appresciated by alot of people...
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    Freeing your mind.

    Ok so now I have a question that the stress thread reminded me... how does one not think about something? I am the worst at this. Weed/booze is not an option. Weed makes me paranoid and i already am an alcoholic :rolleyes:.
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    Pathological Lying

    How does one help a pathologial liar? Is there something they have to realize or accept?
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    Sex Question

    Ok, so... sometimes, when i have sex i get this tingly sensation in my hands and face... very reminiscent of the tingles i used to get when i would be pilling. it feels fucking good, in fact, it can be compared to an orgasm... but i dont come from it and i can continue to have sex after it...
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    So long, Tribe...

    Off i go to Italy in a couple of days. University awaits. Cheers elian
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    Kenny Ken @ WEMF

    My god did he ever mash things up!!! Does anyone have the set? I'll do many dirty things for it. :eek:
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    5 hours left

    !!!!!!!!!!!! excitement is overwhelming!