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  1. J

    who remembers where

    its all a big blurr to me too! i can't remember it!
  2. J

    who remembers where

    who remembers where syrous 4yr was back in september of 1997 with Micky Finn? for ht elife of me I can't remember th venue's name help?! Jai Jai
  3. J

    any breakers in the Maritimes ?

    Answer to your question Marty- yes there is one that is if you take me with you. I smell a roadtrip
  4. J

    Sound Clash 2 @ Digital

    Well another party in the books. The night start off in the hell of a lineup filled with annoying ppl whom kept cutting in line and well it was too long of a wait to get in- i missed a couple of sets that i really wanted to see ie; Dan's *D-Monic*. Inside well we all know it was burtally hot...
  5. J

    the return of limelight wednesdays!!!

    Dont forget about Sunday Sessions!!! Every Sunday night Limelight brings you the best in trance featuring Deko-ze, Saint Pete and Jason Marshall. Come join us every Sunday and experience toronto's finest for yourself! 19+ event Ladies free b4 midnight $6.00 cover $3.00 with pass b4 midnight...