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    Venue question re: Zen Lounge

    Just curious if anyone has been there before and what it's like? How big is it and what the set up is like Any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance :)
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    Jagermeister Music Tour

    I know there are a couple other metalheads on the board So I thought I'd check to see if anyone else is making a road trip to go to this Me and some friends are heading down to Detroit on Oct 25th to check it out I can't wait ... Slayer, Hatebreed and Arch Enemy ... should be fucking amazing!
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    Car Rental Help

    Me and some friends are planning a road trip to Detroit for the weekend of Oct. 25 But we need to rent a car I was hoping someone might be offer some words of wisdom on a good comany to go with Thanks in advance
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    Goodbye Tribe

    It's time for me to move on with my life And that means no more Tribe It makes sense though I don't listen to electronic music ... actually it makes me sick to my stomach And I'm not friends with any of you Actually to be honest I think the whole lot of you are pathetic fucking losers who...
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    Getting Drunk In A Park

    What are people's opinions on this? A friend of mine who I haven't talked to in almost a year called me today asked if I wanted to go drinking tonight I told her for sure Then she was like ... just for old times sake lets go drinking in a park And I agreed I think it's a noble jesture ... a...
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    Communist Party Of Canada

    I know there is one But I'll be damned if I can find any info on them Does anyone know a website, phone number ... anything that could be used to contact them? And for you dumbasses who are going to crack a joke ... yes I've already searched google Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    BMX question

    Does anyone know of a good store in the GTA to buy a BMX?
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    Wedding Question

    I have to go to a wedding next week ... which I really don't want to go to ... especially since I've been informed I "have" to go ... and I "have" to bring a date Would it be disrespectful to wear a black suit with a black shirt Seeing as you usually wear black to funerals? I've only been to...
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    Becasue I Haven't Been Paying Attention

    Does anyone in Toronto still have SARS? Or is the city SARS free?
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    A Serious Question

    Why the fuck don't bars/clubs serve tall boys? I like drinking a nice tall can of hienie ... but you can't get them in clubs/bars and it makes me sad It almost makes me want to cry ... or start a fight
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    Good Saturday Morning!

    Today is such a great day Even though I'm hung over as shit ... I'm so happy :) Had a great night last night ... and it looks like I'm going to have an even better one tonight I honestly can't remember the last time I felt this calm and relaxed and honestly happy And the best thing is that I...
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    Where's the best place?

    I going to buy some plugs for my ears today ... I'm going from 8 to 6 ... does anyone know a good place to get some?
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    Useless Update

    I was just banned from my 8th website (purerave) HA HA HA!
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    A Question For The Ladies

    How many of you can honestly say you've never cheated on your boyfriend (past or present) before? I'm asking this becasue as I was pondering my life a couple minutes ago while I was in the bathroom discharging it came across my mind (the co-relation is pretty damn clear) Out of all my...
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    Ha Ha Ha!

    I'm back ... to annoy and piss you all off I know you missed me Arrrr!
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    Chevelle tix

    I've got 3 tickets for sale for the Chevelle show tonight at the Phoenix If you want them PM me .... I can deliver them to you if you're within the GTA
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    Concert For Toronto tix

    Got handed 2 tickets for the show at SkyDome on Saturday today at work But I can't go You can have them if you want them, free of charge You just have to be able to come to Burlington to pick them up
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    Cell phone help

    I need to get the number on my cell phone changed. I searched the Bell website and it doesn't say anything about it. Does anyone know how much it costs? Or if it costs anything at all?
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    Joy Ride - The Movie

    So me and Candace just watched Joy Ride, and it has to be one of the biggest piece of shit movies ever. But there's just one question I have for anyone who has seen it. What was the prank they play on the trucker? We turned it on 30 minutes into it and never found out what they did to piss of...
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    Work Decisions

    So after a couple months of being unemployed I finally found a job that I like. But I just got an e-mail from my old employer offering me my job back. And I'm stuck, I have no clue what to do. Currently I'm working in a warehouse doing order picking/checking/loading/shipping I'm getting...