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    Drum&Bass Inperspective the Radio Warm Up!

    Sunday September 12th check out Waterloo Radio http://www.psk.ca/test2/pirateship.jpg For the webcast try http://ckmsfm.uwaterloo.ca/webcast.html
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    psk.ca presents bUcKy for your summer time needs...

    New Bucky Mix with tracklisting available for download at:psk.ca enjoy!
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    Maximum Music

    psk.ca is proud to present an Essential Mix by Toronto's own DJ/Producer Dodz here is the tracklisting: **intro to atmo - dodz** seba/chris j - cruising in time (new directions) seba - hidden reflections (secret operations) polyglot - facs and scythe (biotic) lies RMX - blame (720)...
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    psk.ca updated with a New Essential Mix

    www.psk.ca Check out the brand new Essential Mix by Toronto's own DJ/Producer Dodz. Also be sure to explore the site because more goodies are coming soon!
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    New psk.ca mix

    psk.ca presents a Brand new D&B mix from the one called Bucky psk.ca the tracklisting is in the audio section along with the mix Happy New Year
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    psk.ca site launch + New Sean F mix

    check out the new website psk.ca Brand New SEAN F mix in the audio page available for download along with mixes by Stormshadow, Bucky and Quasar. plus Nov 28th, 2003 in the Purple Room, Waterloo Sean F Bucky Nebu kad b2b Quasar
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    D&B mixes

    check out www.psk.ca download new sets by Quasar and Bucky on the audio page. listen and enjoy. have a nice day
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    Homer Simpson question

    what is homer simpsons greatest fear??? could it be a world without donuts? does anyone know?
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    attention Toxic

    toxic please check your pm's or email to non-toxic people hello
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    stop it now!

    i like spaced invaders but since that tune came out there must be 100 clones... WTF (end Rant)
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    i am hungry

    for something different...
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    your thoughts

    i would like to know what everyone thinks about the way drum and bass is developing. who is happy with the direction this music is taking and who is not? why? does it seem to you that producers are just in it for the money now, putting out whatever crap they can put together in a weekend or...
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    lemon d on the dancefloor

    i like lemon d tunes i like my bass and raw breaks and did i mention bass i don't dance at clubs cause i like to listen some people like to dance do people like to dance to lemon d tunes??
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    grooverider - what do you do

    what do you guys think of this track? i have heard it a few times now so it might grow on me more but i think that the vocal doesn't belong... i do like the fact that it has a nice musical element to it which is rare nowadays. i hope dillinja does a good job of the remix:D
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    Dj Die

    could someone/promoters please bring him back to the t dot not only is he an amazing producer but he is also a great dj.
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    DJ SS Album

    wasn't there a release party for this 2 months ago? where is this album, when is it to come out? does anyone have any info, sound clips, release date etc????
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    i put together a mix and some friends have put it up on their site... if your interested in some dope D&B check it out. http://www.fresh-entertainment.com/Fresh_SoundSessions/Fresh_SoundSessions.htm i am at the bottom of the page Sean F - buried treasure. this one is for FOR...
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    Goldie rollcall

    i know its only tuesday but i am looking forward to the weekend. who is hitting this up?
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    haters come in...

    come on guys i know you hate something. I HATE limabeans, brussel sprouts, pickles, and cottage cheese
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    Friday night, what a gwan?

    what are you d&b heads doing friday night?