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    Morrissey Is still the King

    Just came back from one of the best live shows I've been to in a while. Although the Hummerbird Center is a bit of an odd place to hold a show like this the sound and light was amazing!!!. I was really glad to see Morrissey was willing to throw in a few Smiths favorites in the mix. He...
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    New In The Bag

    The Little Beasties-The Beast EP-MFF Three cuts of bumpin, quirky goodness!!. Inside cut rocks:eek: !! Marco Passarani-I House U-Peacefrog Okay we have all heard remixes of the Jungle brothers I'll house you but this takes the cake for me:eek: . Dirty Dirty Electro tek funk...
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    DJ Ali @ the Rude Native-Hamilton

    First off, Hamilton is so lucky to have a great venue like this. Tyrone is to be given props for his gracious nature. Dinner was amazing, nothing like eating a good meal with friends. Thanks to Baby Joel Smyth for building the DJ booth and warming up the crowd proper. You Rock. Ali-Oh man...
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    Solma @ Red Square March 29-Tyler "T-Bone" Stadius

    Things just keep getting better each and every week. After two highly successful weeks with Geometry and Girls Night Out Solma is proud to present Tyler Stadius @ Solma. Tyler is one of Canada most travelled and respected DJ's. A Resident at London's famed night club FABRIC, Tyler comes back...
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    Ben Murko's Top Ten-March 15, 2003

    In no particular order 1.) Brett Johnson-Me Talk Pretty One Day-Icon What can be said other than he's the hottest producer at the moment. 2.)Walter Jones-All God's Children-Westbound Westbound is a label to watch-The Chris Lum & Juan Nunez mix on this 12 is simply beautiful. 3.)Loose...
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    Solma @ Red Square March 22-Girls Night Out(All female DJ line-up)

    Things are just starting to get interesting. This week Solma has a special treat for you all, not one, not two, not three or even four but 5 of Toronto and Montreal's top DJ's and they are all Ladies!!!!. This promises to be a really fun evening. Main Room Denise Benson(Glide, CKLN...
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    Solma @ Red Square, Saturday March 15-Geometry

    Holy Shit was that a fun night:eek:!!!!! I just want to personally thank all the DJ's and promotional team involved with Solma Saturdays @ Red Square. You did such a great Job last night what a wicked time. Every DJ Rocked the shit- AMtrak, @m, Ian Guthrie, and Vukan all killed the main...
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    March 8-Solma Presents Mazi(Chicago)@Red Square

    Week two, Along Side Solma Residents Ben Murko, Mat Lunnen, and DJ Redd Mazi AKA Audio Soul Project-Chicago (NRK, Honchos, Habitat, Gourmet, Brique Rouge) Mazi has become a true reniassance man of house music. A well travelled DJ, a prolific producer and remixer, a label owner...
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    Solma @ Red Square- Feb 15, 2003

    We got another great line-up of DJ's to tear it up at Solma's new Saturday weekly. Red Square 47 Duncan St. (south-east corner of Richmond and Duncan) On the decks: DJ Redd(Solma) Mike Gleeson(2am) Ian Guthrie(Fukhouse) Zuzana Grimm(zuzanium.com) Any persons in need of guest...
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    Who Do you want to come and play in Toronto??

    A thought provoking guestion to all those who love house music!!!!!!!!. Peace Funk21 :D Suggestions may be under consideration for Solma's new Saturday night @ Red Square.
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    DJ Dahota @ Red Square

    DJ Dahota starts off her new residency @ Red Square this Saturday January 25, 2003. She will be playing a special all night set and anyone who has heard this girl knows she can certainly rock it. Any beautiful people who would like to be on guest list please e-mail me at...
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    Solma Christmas Party @ Element Bar

    WOW, I had such a fun night. Too all the beautiful people who came out and danced their asses off thanks. Playing with Amtrak was amazing. You go girl!!!!. Thanks to Kiang and Kiseka for starting things off downstairs, hope you boyz had fun. Great tunes especially the Bucketheads-the...
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    What's wrong with the Toronto scene?

    Well as mentioned in the party reviews, I wanted to pose some questions for all to respond!. 1.) Does anybody out there really care to see new and interesting talent in this city? or are we all just so complacent in our tastes in music and clubs that unless it is a name we know and love we...