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    The Ban List

    So, who has the honour of being banned 'round here? Think we can build a list? The only name that comes to my mind is 'SEA'...
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    Dais this friday feat. Satori, Basilisk, Atman

    Anyone hittin' this? its like five bucks.. electro-techno-progressive-psychedelic...
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    BLA - Droidlock, feb 14

    So it be only two weeks away... who's comin out for this one?
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    New imported psychedelic/prog/??? CDs for sale

    Hi all.. I picked up many copies of a few select titles from Finland to sell around the city here. Prices are as marked, sound samples behind the links. If there's anything you like, PM me and we can sort out shipping or a way to meet up (downtown after work, thursdays at zen or something?)...
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    suomi.trance free (boxing day night)

    the thread on this seems to have gone awry. info somewhere on ektoplazm.com ...anyone showing? should be a fun little night!
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    free suomi.trance event dec 26

    i know this event would appeal to some tbkers... dec 26th there's a free event in toronto featuring the sounds of finland: a jazzified, funk-fortified psychedelic mish-mash of a style with influences from all over the place making for uber-weird music. i hear they might have absinthe at the bar...
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    free finnish trance

    I'm sick with sales pitches. You want it? Get it: EGOSENTRIFRUG: http://www.mikseri.net/artistit/?id=23049 huopatossu mononen: http://www.mikseri.net/artistit/?id=19405 SQUAREMEAT: http://www.mikseri.net/artistit/?id=20102 texas faggott: http://www.mikseri.net/artistit/?id=19799...
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    WTB: Quill

    Looking for a high-quality quill at a reasonable price... must be able to use small amounts of fluid efficiently, as it will be used for signing contracts with blood in triplicate. If you know of a good place, let me know! Thankx. P.S. no this has very little to do with satanic rituals.
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    People Against Weapons in Space

    I am both amused and interested at this email forward... I guess this is the right forum for it? from "PAWS" <spacecommons@yahoo.ca> - Please forward far and wide - Tired of just talking about the dismal state of the world? Want to help organize and participate in activities to...
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    If anyone is seeking the ektoplazm forums, the new url is - http://forums.ektoplazm.com/
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    vinyl for sale

    check the auction page: http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewSellersOtherItems&include=0&userid=kal-ziggurat&sort=2&rows=25&since=-1&rd=1 all sorts of gems and goodies and a few grab bags are up for sale... if you're in toronto you can save on shipping by picking your winnings up...
  12. K

    Do you know these names?

    Frogacult, Saiko-pod, Ticon, Echolab, Vibrasphere, Purple & Ronan, Antix, Phony Orphants, Genetic Spin, Atmos, Neum, Human Blue, 12 Moons, Magnetrixx... ...just curious to see how far these talented artists are getting --> out there.
  13. K

    >SPACE TRIBE< aug 16

    SOooooooo... who's in? anyone who appreciates the psychedelic side would be silly to not attend ;)
  14. K

    Eden Machine

    So who's comin out to this little shindig at the Lab this friday evening? Psytrance & hardcore seem to be the styles... should be mighty interesting!
  15. K


    Just bought the new (and final) CD and its real nice, with mass appeal, so I thought I might cut'n'paste some promo hype here... --- COSMA (Avihen Livne) ------------------------- Avihen Livne, the Israeli musician/producer better known as Cosma, was about to release his 2nd album...
  16. K

    Quality music alert

    No one here ever listens to me I bet, but here's another pair of gems you'd be wise to at least pretend to have an interest in ;) --- Ticon - Aero Hype: Note: whoever wrote this is an idiot. This has nothing to do with psychedelic *anything*. There is a free MP3 you can...
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    Needing a permit to protest in Toronto??

    From: Ange Kinnear <akinnea@toronto.ca> Sent: Friday, April 11, 2003 2:31 PM Subject: City Hall to Breach Our Democratic Rights: We Need Your Help. Hey TYC, I wanted to update you on a shocking possible new law at city council that would give the police the power to sanction...
  18. K

    darkrave - april

  19. K

    deep trance

    so... my question is, has anyone in toronto latched on to the style of vibrasphere, human blue, s>range, son kite, and 12 moons? or has it all been completely overlooked? i personally can't get enough of this stuff... its got that morning sound but such scintillating production value...
  20. K

    Free trance, goa, and downtempo downloads..

    We're giving away many songs on our web site: www.ektoplazm.com... most of the content is (currently) in the style of old school Goa trance, where composition tends to take precedence over sound quality... but you will find an assortment of other stuff including some hard and dark psytrance, as...