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    random thoughts of the day

    9, 12 and 15 hit close to home for me ;) Random Thoughts of the Day: 1. I wish Google Maps had an "Avoid Ghetto" routing option. 2. More often than not, when someone is telling me a story all I can think about is that I can't wait for them to finish so that I can tell my own story...
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    Bonnaroo 08 line up

    check it out, not as spectacular as last year, but still good. Bonnaroo 2008
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    I'd like to propose a toast...

    ...but I don't know any good ones. Who's got some quality toasts to share. The more laughs they produce the better. I've got a big dinner with some old freinds this weekend and I'm stuck.
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    Bills combo charters

    Anyone have any info on companies that run bus + ticket packages to Bills games? Looking to get some of these slackers here in the office out for a game in september. Thanks
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    IT at my office sucks

    They've blocked our office from viewing officepools.com and now there are a few dozen of us here totally pissed. I've tried to talk to them about the benefits of this site ( office moral, comraderie etc.) but they won't budge. my question is...is there a way to still see the web site from...
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    My ears hurt...but in a good way. They brought every song right to your face full force. Wicked light show accompanied them perfectly too. The ampitheatre was packed like I've never seen! A little rain for those on the lawn, and myself as our seats were about 2 feet out from the roof but...
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    Incredible show last night. Thom's hypnotic eye sucked me in right away. By far the best sounding concert I've ever experienced. Very clear and crisp. It was actually enjoyable to not have to throw in the ear plugs. Set List...not to spoil it for anyone seeing them tonight, but the sets...
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    The wife and I are heading west for a few weeks this summer. First time west for me. We are going from Edmonton, through the Jasper/ Banff area and eventually making our way to Vancouver. Hotels and motels out there are a bit pricey so I'm looking for recommendations on camping sites that...
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    Photochop Software

    Looking for easy-to-use photo enhancement/chop software. I've got some pics I need to hack up. I've done some google searches, but there seems to be a gazillion things out there, I'm not sure which one is which. Any suggestions/links?
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    Bump in the night

    no this is not about coke I get creeped out too easily sometimes. Last night I was woken out of my beauty sleep to my wife whispering 'do you hear that?' Sure enough there was some kind of light knocking noise coming from the attic area. It didn't help that the first thought through my...
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    My office just kicked everyone out!

    Apparently they have to do some repairs to the basement mechanical room that is a safety hazzard to the rest of us (due to last weeks storm). They're paying us too....sweet! Hello long weekend ;)
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    Presidential Speach prep 101

    haven't seen this here yet...hilarious! Timeline? Writing speaches for George W.
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    The oldest Dildo ever !

    Not surprised it was found in Germany... Ancient "Tool"
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    Wedding Bells?

    I can't believe I have 7 weddings to go to this summer/fall...including my own. The last 3 years were fairly quiet...then all of a sudden a wedding downpour! Anyone else dealing with wedding overload??
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    Valentines gift idea

    I'm going for romance this year... http://www.bigshocker.com/
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    Burlesque Show

    Anyone checking this mondays (nov 1) show out at the Silver Dollar? The gf and I were there last month and had a blast. Great gigs and the best titty shakin I've seen in a long while. I think it starts around 9. I saw a few Tribers there last time, this time I'll try not to be so shy...
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    Summer Road Construction...rant!

    It drives me nuts! They are now eliminating lanes south bound on the 404 from Steeles to the 401...pinching everything even more than it already was. To top it off, the cops hang out on the shoulder to make sure people don't cross all their new white lines. Thanks a bunch you road...
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    Tribe is Horny!

    Nothing wrong with it...just an observation of the last few days. I have a feeling there will be a shit load of sex (alone or not) going on this weekend!
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    Anniversary Ideas in T.O.

    It's our 5 year anny in two weeks and I'm stumped for ideas. I don't mind spending a bit of coin, I just can't think of anything that a) I haven't already done or b) seems kinda cool. Looking to Tribe for some creative assistance....
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    July 1st Long Weekend...in Vancouver

    Have a few freinds going there for the end of the month. They are new to the scene and looking for some tips on clubs/events that might be happening that weekend worth checking out. Anyone have any suggestions for them? Clubs/Bars/DJ's in town etc.